10 Steps to Success as a Fitness Model

10 things I wish I knew when I started this sport!
The Natural bodybuilding and fitness industry has skyrocketed in popularity and there are many people wishing to make a start.

I will begin with a few words from my client – INBA Bikini Champion Thuy Vu

“Before meeting Amelia I have always been an active person. I decided to compete to push my fitness further. I was very fortunate to meet Amelia to coach me through my 12 weeks of competition preparation. With Amelia”s guidance I never ever felt deprived or used any stimulants (fat burners) during my preparation. The training with Amelia was also fantastic no extensive cardio just plenty of wholesome food and a lot of hard work. Amelia and Gemma also provided posing classes which were lots of fun and gave a lot of helpful advice on the day. I am very thankful to have Amelia as a coach to guide me from nutrition, training, posing and all of her beauty secrets I wouldn”t have done it without her! Thank you Amelia and Gemma xx”

Thuy Vu - 12 week Transformation
Thuy Vu – 12 week Transformation

Here are my tips:

1 – Find a reputable and qualified coach
– who has competed before
– who has qualifications
– who has a proven track record of coaching athletes that are healthy for the long term
– Message or email their past clients to find out about the experience and ask how they felt both during and importantly AFTER the competition program
– Just because someone is successful they may not be the right person for you, you need to connect with them and believe in their method. Ask a lot of questions.
– Your body is precious, do your research carefully!

2 – Make your health a priority
– Avoid stimulants such as caffeine loaded fat burners, long term use may be damaging
– Be very organised and get a good night’s sleep then this will give you natural energy
– You need to build in stretching, yoga and active recovery to balance your program

3 – Be prepared for expense
– The financial outlay is huge and you don’t get paid for competing
– Entry fees, federation fees, costumes, hair and make up all add up!

4 – Weights are the priority with your training
– They will change the shape of your body
– You must learn CORRECT technique and never sacrifice technique by lifting too heavy

5 – Meal preparation is vital
– Carry your food with you in a cooler bag and never be stuck without the correct foods
– Learn how to order at a restaurant so you can stay on track and still socialise

6 – Keep it real
– Most successful fitness models take years to perfect their look
– Be humble when you don’t win or place and don’t make a “Face” on stage when you don’t place how you expect, everyone can see this and it looks like you are a “sore loser” which no one respects. Fake a smile if you need to, congratulate those who do win or place.
– Keep it classy, you should look like a brand ambassador not a stripper

7 – Tanning, hair and make up are important
– The right tan, needs to be dark enough
– Make up on your face should match your body and be applied to last under the stage lights (NEVER use body colour or dream tan on your face).

8 – Stage Presence and Walk
– Your posing, stage presence and walk should be practised for months in advance
– You need to enjoy your time on stage and smile from the moment you step on stage to the moment you step off stage

9 – Never think you know everything, you can always improve
– Always email the judges for feedback
– There will always be a fine detail you can improve upon
– Watch back the DVD and look at yourself in motion, not just in still photos. It is how you move not just how you stand in a photo (includes slowing down posing, smiling for the whole performance and not over posing – finding your stage presence takes time)

10 – Understand you need an off season
– Health is wealth
– You cannot train with the high intensity that you would in a pre-contest training routine all year round, an off season and good head space is essential
– Risks include adrenal fatigue (metabolic damage), infertility and negative body image

Good luck on your journey and I will leave you with some photos from the recent competitions.


Thuy Vu completed a 12 week program with Living Beauty in 2012 and then in 2013 started her 12 week competition preparation.
Thuy Vu completed a 12 week program with Living Beauty in 2012 and then in 2013 started her 12 week competition preparation.
inba thuy2
Thuy Vu has her training program written by Amelia to bring her muscle groups tone and shape
megan 2
Megan Thorn completed a 12 week competition preparation program with Living Beauty
megan and thuy
Thuy Vu (left (1st Place Bikini Model) and Megan Thorn (right) 3rd place bikini model
Hair and make up was organised by living beauty as well as weekly posing classes
Megan’s fabulous transformation in 12 weeks with Living Beauty

We have a list of girls interested for 2014, if you are interested in training with us for a Fitness Model Specific Program or General Shape Up – please contact us NOW.
Contact amelia@livingbeauty.com.au or gemmalivingbeauty@gmail.com

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Love and Light

Amelia x o

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