3 Junk Foods Disguised as Health Foods

Are you looking to eat healthy foods and get great results for weights loss or body composition? It’s super important to read the labels of everything you consume including those foods advertised as “healthy”. Here’s a few tips to eat healthy, lose body fat and not get tricked by clever marketing on packaged foods.

Store-Bought Hummus
I’m a huge fan of hummus, but I’m sick of hearing people refer to it as a protein-rich food. Sure, the main ingredient is chickpeas, but this popular dip is higher in fat and carbs than it is in protein.

Healthy swap: Make your own healthy hummus simply by adding one 400g can of chick peas (drained), juice of 1/2 a lemon, 2 tbsp fresh parsley (chopped finely) and 2 tbsp tahini.

It’s a fermented tea, but it doesn’t mean you can drink it like water!
Before you freak out and cut all kombucha, here’s what you can do: Always read labels. Be sure to cut any kombucha with *added* sugar or juice, and keep it to one serving (half a bottle) instead of the whole thing.
My rule of thumb is 4g sugar per serving max. And in addition to kombucha, try other awesome fermented foods like miso, sauerkraut, pickles and pickled veggies, kimchi, and kefir.

Many of you are trying to stick to a more plant based eating plan and this is highly beneficial as it contains more fibre, fresh foods have a higher level of vitamins and minerals, plus plant based foods are a great way to feel satisfied when on a fat loss meal plan. But it is important to educate yourself and read all labels.

Vegetable Chips

Whether they come shaped as chips, triangles, crunchy veggie snacks aren’t as healthy as they seem. It isn’t the same as eating your vegetables, like the ads want you to believe.
The first ingredient is typically potato flour followed by sunflower oil and corn starch. Most vegetable chips offer zero nutrition other than the carbs, calories, and fat from cheap vegetable oils. They’re no better for you than baked potato chips.
Healthy Swap: Bake your own kale chips or zucchini chips or look for brands that have vegetables other than potatoes as the first few ingredients.

When I think of fermented foods I love visiting raw foods instructor to learn to make my own. But if you want to buy products like kombucha already made (by someone you can trust) I suggest farmers markets. At a market you can meet the people who make the products and not only ask questions, learn new facts, but it is also a fun way to meet people and educate yourself about plank based nutrition.

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What supposed “health foods” have surprised you, when you read the label?

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