5 Simple Pregnancy Exercises for Every Trimester

Experts agree, when you’re expecting, it’s important to keep moving. Pregnant women who exercise have less back pain, more energy, a better body image and, post-delivery, a faster return to their pre-pregnancy shape. Being fit doesn’t have to mean a big time commitment or fancy equipment. The following workout is a recommendation but it is important to consult your medical professional to be cleared for your specific circumstances during your unique pregnancy.

Here’s a quick video to show you the following workout. In this workout you can perform 15 repetitions of each exercise as a circuit, moving onto the next exercise and then starting back again, perhaps trying for a total of 3 circuits. It is very important that you listen to your body and take rest breaks if you need to, and always follow the advice of your medical practitioner as a priority.

  1. Wall squats 15 reps
  2. Bent over row (single arm) 15 reps right and left
  3. Bicep Curls 15 reps
  4. Side lateral raises 15 reps
  5. Glute activation exercises with the resistance band (15 reps right and left)

A good warm up would be a steady pace on a stationary bike or a walk outside and it is suggested that you do gentle stretching after your workout.

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