Amelia Ricci

6 winter health and fitness tips

We’ve all heard that saying, “summer bodies are made in winter” …right?

As much as it’s true, it can be extremely difficult to stay on the right track when the days are short, cold and rainy, and the couch is calling your name.

So here are 6 super simple and doable tips to keep your health and fitness in check this winter.

1. Have a positive attitude

Your mindset is key when trying to increase motivation and taking positive actions daily. Whether you think you can or you can’t – you’re right. So think positive!

Whether you think you can or you can’t – you’re right. So think positive!

Set yourself up for a success and do whatever it takes, whether it be motivational quotes programmed into your phone, or follow inspiring people on Instagram to get the contagious workout vibe daily.

2. Be organised

Book in workouts as appointments in your diary. This gives them the same importance as any meeting, deadline or doctor’s appointment you would normally schedule.

There are so many fitness studios that offer bookings online for classes and so when you commit and book in your time, it gives you greater incentive to make your scheduled exercise session a priority.

If you have to cancel a workout, make sure you reschedule it immediately.

Also, another great tip is to lay out your exercise gear the night before so you have it there ready to throw on as soon as your alarm goes off. If you work out during the day, pack your gym bag the night before and leave it by your front door.

3. Say goodbye to self-sabotage

Replace every negative thought that enters your mind with a positive thought.

Realise that feelings are not facts. “I feel bloated today” or “I feel heavy today” is not a fact and may have nothing to do with body fat, so don’t believe your thoughts.

The sooner you learn to stop putting yourself down and making excuses, the sooner you will feel more positive and make the right healthy choices.

4. Be accountable

If you have a problem, a challenge or a setback, take a deep breath and move forward.

Only focus on what you can control and remember that exercise is a great stress reliever.

Keep yourself on track by keeping yourself accountable to someone else. Whether it’s a personal trainer, a friend or family member, check in with them regularly. Meet them for a walk or a workout and talk about your progress.

Sharing your setbacks and your success is always better with someone by your side.

5. Make good nutrition choices

Food and drinks are the fuel our bodies use to perform to our best, so:

  • Seriously look at your intake of stimulants including sugar and caffeine and instead stash healthy snacks at in the fridge and your desk drawer.
  • Eat plenty of fresh veggies. Bring a salad or vegetables to work with you, as this will save time, money and empty calories on your lunch break.
  • Eat 4-6 small meals a day including protein, carbs and fat. Balancing these macronutrients will eliminate cravings.

6. Create a sleep routine

A deep sleep shreds fat like nothing else and this could be the missing link standing between you and your ideal body.

Make sure you have adequate protein and veggies at dinner so you are satisfied for fullness and nutrients.

Drink a calming herbal tea, like chamomile, 2 hours before bed.

Eat 2-3 hours prior to sleep. You don’t want to be digesting when trying to sleep.

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