Meet Gemma Dawson

Gemma started with Living Beauty in 2010 and since then has coached and mentored clients around Australia to success. Gemma has a high level of commitment to our clients and also runs face to face workshops with Amelia twice yearly.

Living Beauty Adelaide

What’s an exercise you are working on perfecting right now?
This week I got a PB Clean & Jerk 77.5kg and I was able to get triple unders (where a skipping rope does 3 resolutions per jumps x 65 reps, not consecutive). I also just got PB Squat, Clean & Snatch last week, plus my gymnastics is improved. This shows I am not looking to specialise in any one thing, I like to be well rounded so I feel like any challenge I can give it a go! City to Bay is coming up and it will be my 11th year, so may have to get the runners out for a test run!

Chance is your gorgeous dog you rescued and we love the photos you post of her. How old is Chance now and what is her breed?

Chance is too cute for her own good. Definitely spoilt, very smart and very special. Considering her start in life was something I just can’t even believe could happen and then she had two massive knee surgeries she deserves all the love and she gives it back unconditionally.
Chance turned 4 this year, is a Staffy x Ridgeback and was one of the Lucky 5 from Moorook Animal Shelter.

You also manage a corporate job that sometimes has interstate travel, how do you stay healthy, what training and food do you adopt when traveling?
My work are awesome and made sure we weren’t put out when needing to help nationally. It really wasn’t massive to manage, I loved it!

I found a really awesome grocer that had everything I wanted, and new things to try, but also could just shopped on a break from work and tried to stay in an apartment for cooking. That wasn’t possible all the time so you just try to keep to what you normally do so you don’t feel gross, get sick or run down.

I walked to see places outside of work to make the most of my visits. Like Bonte to Bondi walk which was beautiful.

My gym and other city CBD gyms of its kind all let us passport membership so we don’t need to pay drop in fee’s that can be costly but found because I travelled in warmer weather it was nicer to be outside. I find calling ahead to let them know you are visiting is something that gyms really appreciate and you can get the admin out the way normally so when you turn up you can just train.

Fitness Contest Achievements

Competed in 18 Fitness and Bikini Model Competitions with WNBF, INBA, ANB, NABBA/WFF and IFBB as a Natural Athlete‚ 9 of these competitions being National Level and 9 top 4 placings.
My favourite was my first comp, coming 1st in front of family and friends, having support backstage and really just stepping out of comfort zone and achieving what I set out to do.

So many opportunities have come from competing! And now I can help others achieve goals from a post baby shape up to a competition or their ultimate bride body.

See Gemma’s Success Story and her daily meal plan click here.


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