Amelia Ricci

My name is Amelia Ricci, I am a Fitness Professional & Nationally Awarded Trainer

It’s crazy to think I’ve been working in fitness for 20 years. Since then, I’ve helped hundreds of women sculpt their dream body and develop a positive mindset to love themselves. Each of my clients is super busy, but I show them that you can turn a crazy pace into a healthier lifestyle that is sustainable.

My passion is helping women achieve their fitness goals, and I’ve been featured in fitness magazines, commercials and love to create workouts on my YouTube Channel, Amelia Ricci Fitness. I was Fitness Expert for Oxygen Magazine Australia for 10 years. The research side of fitness excites me because I have a Master of Business Degree, majoring in Market Research.

Before I had children I worked as Marketing Director for large organisations. Now I’m a mum of two young children (baby girl 1 year old and 5 year old boy). I run my online coaching business, compete in bikini contests, love my close friends and family and time with my husband of 12 years.

I constantly strive to maintain balance and this is the foundation of my business, Living Beauty Fitness. My mission is to share my journey, my mistakes and educate women that you don’t have to find the ‘right time’ for fitness and wellbeing. Most of my clients are so surprised that it was easier than they thought, they love healthy recipes and got excited about working out again.

I love weight training but also believe that Pilates and Yoga are a game changer when it comes to core stability and recovery. I have written five books including a 30-day transformation program and FIT Pregnancy program on

This year I am expanding my business to include business coaching, motivational speaking and I always aim to combine fun and fitness so that it’s attainable for everyone. Fitness is something I see as part of my life forever and I love meeting others and sharing my passion.

Starting in Fitness

I started as Body Pump, Yoga & Pilates instructor. Soon after I competed and won fitness model competitions, everyone wanted my secrets to a healthy lifestyle, so I took my programs on line!

University Background

With my Masters University Degree and Fitness Qualifications I was able to combine strength training, yoga and pilates techniques together with nutrition recommendations and come up with an effective program that would improve self-perception of many people struggling with body image and help them live a better life.

My clients are diverse,
but one thing unites all the beautiful women – the desire to change to a healthier lifestyle.

My Experience

Years of Fitness Experience
Happy Clients with References
Contests and Conferences attended

Awards & Fitness Contests

Fitness Contest Achievements

2019 WBFF World Beauty Fashion Fitness, 8th Place (out of 30)
2019 IFBB Bikini (International Federation Bodybuilding)
2018 Ms Fitness Australia, 2nd Place Swimsuit Model
2016 Fit Bikini Model Extravaganza, Melbourne, 2nd Place
2015 Fit Bikini Model Extravaganza, Gold Coast
2011 INBA All Female Muscle Bikini Model, 3rd place
2009 INBA Sports Model Overall Champion, 1st Place
2009 WNBF South Australian Best Body Swimsuit, 2nd place
2007 INBA Australian Titles, Sports Model Australian Championships
2007 INBA Sports Model Overall Champion, 1st Place
2006 INBA South Australian Overall Novice Figure, 3rd Place


Fitness Australia Master Trainer (20 years accrediation)
Meal and Menu Planner, Well College Global
Platinum Pilates Instructor (10+ years)
Certified Yoga Instructor (10+ years)
INBA Champion Trainer, 2015/16
Top Trainer Nationalwide for Lorna Jane Active, 2015

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