Amelia’s Fitness Model Secrets & Free Healthy Eating Plan

Get ready foramazing bikini body transformations as Living Beauty Adelaide Fitness Models hit the stage at upcoming competitions. As a fitness model trainer in Adelaide for the past 10 years, I still get excited to see my clients achieve their goals!

Come and see us at the Living Beauty Fitness stand and meet our competition team:

Sunday 26th April at Norwood Townhall, ANB (SA) Fitness Model Revolution

Sunday 3rd of May at Norwood Townhall, INBA (SA) Fitness Model Competition

We are raising funds for Childhood Cancer Association by selling protein balls and would love your support.

Amelia's Bliss Balls - so famous because we sell them to raise funds for Childhood Cancer twice a year at the fitness competitions - and this year is 5 years of fundraising!
Amelia’s Bliss Balls – so famous because we sell them to raise funds for Childhood Cancer twice a year at the fitness competitions – In 2015 we celebrate 5 years of fundraising!

I always get asked the same questions,so hereare the answers to fitness model secrets…

Do fitness competitors blow out after the competition?

I mentor my clients over 20 weeks to ensure they have a healthy competition preparation and I am passionate about their long term health. I design their training and nutrition with their health as a number one priority.

My advice is that the longer you stick with clean eating the less you crave foods high in salt, sugar or saturated fat. Adjusting yourhead space is the key, and the longer you view food as something to be feared or has control over you, the worse cravings appear to be.

Just relax and enjoy eating clean foods and soon enough you will learn ways to make your fave recipes healthy. Just view the recipes on Amelia”s blog such as the Berry Banana Loaf recipe (click here).

When eating out have your favourite food and enjoy it. By mentally and physically enjoying food and not feeling guilty, you will learn that everything in life is about balance and clean eating is no different. Moderation and portion sizes are the secret to long term weight loss.

I never cut calories too low for my fitness model clients and I also provide a tailored off season plan when clients finish the competition. I wrote an article for Oxygen Magazine Australia, on Post Competition Wellness which you can view here.

How do you juggle fitness and motherhood?

I put my workouts in my diary and if I cannot make it I re-schedule them. I meal prep in advance and I follow all the principles in my new Bikini Body Transformation program which is an eBook I wrote detailing how I achieve this balance. You can find out about the bikini body program in this video.

Do you ever eat chocolate?

Yes, of course. I love Haigh”s chocolate from Adelaide and as a proud South Australian, I always eat this chocolate. I eat two squares or two truffles once a week during my post baby shape up! And, I must admit over Easter I ate a small amount of chocolate every day – Yum!

Amelia Ricci 20 kilos lost post baby
Amelia Ricci 20 kilos lost post baby

And speaking of chocolate…want to get back on track after Easter?

Here are my LIVING BEAUTY Fitness tips:

Sweat it out:Get outdoors and run at the beach, or head to the gym and do a weights circuit! Don”t make excuses and sit around, it”s more effective to force yourself out of the house and sweat it out, as opposed to lounging around!

You will feel amazing, your endorphins will kick in and BOOM! Instant recovery!

Fill your fridge with all healthy food!
If you don’t have junk in the house you can”t eat it.

Drink Up!
Water- drink as much water as possible.

Amelia Ricci”s Healthymeal plan:

Breakfast: 1/3 cup cooked Quinoa topped with almond milk, blueberries, cinnamon and fresh mint leaves.

Snack: Grapefruit slices (vitamin C, fibre, minimum sugar!)

Lunch: Grilled chicken, spicy mustard (no additives), sliced tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and red capsicum. ¬Ω cup brown rice.

Snack:A home-made protein bar for example my carrot cake protein bars recipe.

Dinner: Veggies galore! Avocado, broccoli, celery, and bok choy with grilled salmon, barramundi or steak on top (dressing a little balsamic vinegar, Olive oil, fresh lemon, and freshly ground black pepper with Himalayan salt.)

After dinner: Ginger Herbal Tea!

Positive self-talk is so important for a successful body transformation
Make sure you are NICE to yourself CUT the self-criticism and DO something productivetowards reaching your goal.

Want to work with Amelia Ricci and Gemma Dawson face to face?

Living Beauty Health & Fitness workshop in Adelaide

Promo Image

This is going to be a sell out! We have already taken bookings and places are limited, contact us today. Learn our secrets to long term wellbeing – Transform your body and feel energetic!

Saturday 30th May, Adelaide. 11am – 4pm.

– How to structure a daily meal plan.
– Perform weight training exercises correctly.
– Yoga stretches that can be used daily for active recovery.
– Enhancing metabolic response to food and exercise.
– Drop body fat the healthy way.
– The exercises that will give you toned arms, a tight butt and a flat stomach.

Sponsors including:
Lorna Jane Active Living Room Rundle Street
Paleo Cafe Adelaide – Hyde Park
eat me raw
The All Natural Company
Fresh Hair & Body
Just Add Muscle Meals
*WIN a week of meals fromJust Add Muscle Australia Pty Ltd
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Adelaide Health and Wellbeing workshop with information that will change your life. You will learn to live lean and healthy for the long term!

No gimmicks, no sales pitches!! FREE gift bag for all attendees.

$99 each for two registrations received in one payment
$115 per person
(prior to 24th April, 2015)
This event is a sell out each year – don’t miss out.

Email to book now

The workshop is a day full of knowledge based on 15 years of experience of getting women their best body ever, without pills, potions and gimmicks, we know what works!

Yours In Health and Wellness,

Amelia x o

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