Bikini Competitions in Adelaide 2021

Are you looking to enter a bikini competition in Adelaide in 2021? A bikini competition brings amazing opportunity for self-improvement. At Living Beauty, we recommend setting your goals around study and work commitments. The dates for bikini competitions in Adelaide commence in April and this begins Season A. The competitions are as follows: ICN (SA), ANB (SA), WBFF, IFBB and it is important to be aware of the guidelines for each federation.

At Living Beauty we have over 15 years experience, we have judged, coached and competed at every federation, which gives you our depth of experience to help you achieve success. Your path to excellence won’t come easily but there are some important tips to help you along your journey. Keep an open mind, never stop learning and don’t give up when you encounter challenging times.

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Crush your bikini competition goals in 2021

People who map out written goals have a much higher chance of success than those who choose not to plan. In order to identify your goals you need to be true to yourself and look at what is uniquely important to you and break these into smaller achievable steps.

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Tips for goal setting

Connect with others in the bikini competition industry in Adelaide. Watch what they are doing and identify the traits of successful people that you admire. For example they may be down to earth, have a genuine personality that instantly connects with people. Many fitness role models and bikini competitors make it a priority to always be there to help and share their experience to make others journey easier. We love sharing @livingbeautyfitness Instagram, so give us a follow and make sure you also check out Head Coach @livingbeautyamelia

Getting confidence on stage

Set realistic goals about where you are going in the industry and don’t expect too much too soon. Once you have spent time studying and learning using your own body for testing various theories on nutrition and training it will help with your ability to progress and work on your weaknesses to make them strengths. Check out our blog on gaining confidence.

Find your Why

Ask yourself honestly: Why do you want to enter a bikini competition? What do you plan to achieve as a result of your involvement in the fitness industry? Are you ready to make the commitment to the lifestyle?

Plan and Prepare

Map out weekly written programs of how you are going to get there and a list of everything you will need to do.

Prepare ahead of time, from preparing and shopping for ingredients for your meals to packing your gym bag the night before so you are not in a rush to leave the house every morning. Keep everything you need for this life accessible and you may even keep one or two changes of gym clothes in your car so you always have your gym bag, outfit, towel and water bottle at the ready.

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Develop a Hardcore Work Ethic

Work harder than anyone you know. Get up earlier, put in maximum effort to each and every day and approach each day as an opportunity to be the best version of you. Having a work ethic that far exceeds others is the only way to the top. You need to support your intention to succeed with energy and effort and that way it will lead to results and your dreams will be realised.

Visualise Your Success

Visualise what your body will look like and create a vision board of photos and words that describe how you want your life to be. This has been one of the most important tools of my career in the fitness industry. As a fitness competitor since 2006, 2 x Champion, and the chosen “ideal body” for the INBA bikini category, I have created my body over the years with consistent work to target specific muscle groups. I never do anything harsh for peak week *check out my peak week tips for bikini competitors here).

Stay motivated by using positive affirmations and surrounding yourself with books and statements that reinforce this positive self-talk. If you have a rough day positive affirmations can be helpful.

Create Your Tribe

Surround yourself with positive like-minded individuals and seek a support network of people who understand your desire to be your best. This network may include those that are within the fitness industry but also those who may not be. You will have friends who understand your passion for fitness and friends who do not, but this is not a bad thing and sometimes it is nice to have some friends to reach out to, who don’t live and breathe fitness. Just like during times when you lack motivation it is nice to get together and train with someone who is into fitness and reignite your fire for the sport. Your network should also include a Bikini competition coach, doctor, physio, massage therapist as well as your friends as these people will assist you to achieve yours goals with the various expertise from different areas.

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Develop Resilience

Accept that every day will not be filled with sunshine and roses. The ups and downs in your moods should not affect your path to success, they are mere bumps in the road and should be addressed with observation only. Try to replace a negative thought with a positive one and take some time out from your schedule. You will soon feel great again!

Be the Boss of Your Finances

You need to budget your money as the path to becoming a bikini competitor can be expensive. The industry will demand a lot of your money from competition entry fees to costumes, fees for a coach, hair, makeup, beauty and tanning services. Your list of expenses will be endless and that is before you have even started on the path of marketing yourself via photoshoots, interstate or overseas competitions. Making sure you are well presented at all times is very important as a bikini competitor and this upkeep of your body is an investment.

Beat the Clock

Time effectiveness is one of the biggest keys to success. If you map out a schedule and allocate time to daily, weekly and monthly tasks you will set yourself up to achieve your goals, whether they be a weekly, monthly or yearly goal. I allocate time to emails, planning marketing and promotions, writing new web site content and looking after my Living Beauty clients. I also allocate time to running a household including cooking, washing, cleaning and shopping for quality ingredients. At different times in the year where I am very busy, I need to change my training schedule accordingly and therefore adjust my nutrition. You cannot do everything at once, you must prioritise.

Final Success Tips

My final word is to be true to yourself. Never let ego take over your desire to succeed. Always remember who helped you on your path and thank them and give them credit for their knowledge.

The past few years have seen an explosion of popularity in bikini competitions with many competitions held throughout the year. It is important that you are entering the industry for the right reasons and that you work hard and stay humble.

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This is the most exciting and rewarding sport and I can’t wait to see you on stage!

Amelia Ricci
Head Coach and Founder, Living Beauty Fitness

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