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As a bikini competition coach, athlete and mentor to women, I’m often asked how to gain confidence. Especially if you are wanting to achieve a big goal, a bikini competition is something to strive for, but also can require a lot of self confidence and self belief.

You can use the tips below to analyse your life and make positive changes, but don’t see this as a list that needs to be completed immediately. Creating confidence for your bikini competition can be a journey that takes time and the best way is to love yourself and give yourself the time to make gradual changes.

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  1. Try to remove negativity from your life
    They say that you are the sum of the five people you spend most of your time with. If you are surrounded by a close circle of friends and family that support you then stick with these people, but if you have negative people who are feeding your insecurities then you may need to take even a temporary break from them.
  2. Change your body language
    Body language is very powerful and often we make a statement with our eye contact and smile before we even speak. If you are nervous in social situations practise walking into a room, smiling before you enter the room and imagine that you know everyone. This will reflect in your body language as you will soon feel more comfortable to keep eye contact with people and before you know it this skill will feel natural.
  3. Avoid accepting failure
    Setbacks happen to everyone and it’s important to acknowledge that failure is only temporary and a great opportunity to learn from our mistakes. Don’t let failure hold you back, simply acknowledge it and move on. This will also build resilience which is the ability to move past obstacles and another very important life skill.
  4. Be prepared
    Whatever you are facing next, learn everything there is to know about the subject. If you are prepared and knowledgeable, you will be self-confident.
  5. When life gets tough, create a gratitude list
    Sometimes life can get too much for us and these challenges make it really difficult to keep up our self-belief. If this happens, try sitting down and make a list of all the things you are grateful for in your life, and a separate list of all the things you are proud of accomplishing (no matter how small). Once complete, pin the lists up somewhere you will regularly see them. This will remind you what a great life you already lead – it can be especially powerful when your self-confidence is low or you doubt yourself.

Our Adelaide Bikini Competitions Success

This year was especially hard for everyone! But we are super proud of our team!

In fact many of our girls continue to train with @livingbeautyfitness for years. We help with goals every step of the way. We have trained many of the Overall Champions is the Bikini, Sports Model, Fitness Model and Figure Category.

We live and breathe the lifestyle, we have been training women for competitions for over 10 years. We are well known for our healthy approach, holistic nutrition and results focused workouts.

“The programs from @livingbeautyfitness are the best I’ve ever had. It’s tailored specifically to my lifestyle, my body and my goals. The meals are delicious and offer a great variety. Anyone who says a meal plan must be boring and your diet must consist of brown rice, broccoli and chicken, hasn’t found a coach with the knowledge of Living Beauty. You don’t have to be miserable in a plan to get results!

The training plan that Living Beauty creates has such diversity in exercises each day, that I feel like I’m challenging myself, and gaining strength all over as I learn to focus and improve every week.”
~ Laura, Figure Champion

adelaide bikini competition coach

“I wouldn’t trust anyone else + I’m so excited with the package I brought to the stage! I’m so excited for future success with Living Beauty Fitness and I love the team environment” – Sophie, Overall Sports Model Champion

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