Chris, Bikini Competition Champion

We have been working together for 2.5 years. We started with the 8 week macro challenge, this education program empowers our clients with nutrition knowledge all whilst learning to use the Living Beauty app for accurate macro tracking. We started her competition prep recently and have achieved an amazing result. Chris competed at the ICN

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Kate, lost 4 kilos in 8 weeks

“I have loved the Macro Challenge and have learnt so much.” “I have really enjoyed the challenge, I feel like the videos especially each week have been super motivating and given me lots of ideas to keep going after the macro challenge!!” At Living Beauty Fitness we believe it’s super important to educate clients about

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Ivana, lost 10 kilos

“I have been over the moon with my progress, feeling great and lots of motivation. I’m feeling so confident – thank you Living Beauty”. We have taken a healthy and sustainable approach to fat loss, without doing tons of cardio. We have transformed her body with weight training and a nourishing nutrition plan that emphasises

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Healthy Christmas treats

How to be guilt free and enjoy Healthy Christmas in 2021!

Do you want to have a healthy Christmas, enjoy the holidays, but remain on track with your fitness goals? At Living Beauty we will help with Healthy Christmas treats recipes and fitness ideas to make 2021 extra special. So many of us create guilt around Christmas food and drinks, but this mindset will derail you

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lockdown fitness tips

How to Stay Fit and Healthy During Lockdown

Maintaining your fitness during lockdown is a combination of three main things: movement, mindset and nutrition. You can stay on track with your fitness by tracking your nutrition, keeping up your steps and creating a morning routine to start your day with healthy habits. As a nutrition coach, I know first hand that by taking

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Gabby, 8 week macro challenge

Losing the last 5 kilos can be tough, but Living Beauty gives our clients the tools. Meet Gabby our amazing client who completed the 8 week macro challenge which is an educational program about nutrition, macros and teaches you how to fuel your body. During this program, you will receive videos and workbooks each week that

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Susan, 8 week macro challenge

Meet our beautiful client Susan. Her journey is so inspiring. She exercised less cardio, more weight training, ate more nutrient dense foods + lost 5 kilos – wow! Reduced from 9 sessions of exercise to 4 sessions per week Increased calorie intake from 1,200-1,900 week 1 to week 8 of our macro challenge lost 5 kilos.

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Rachel, VIP Membership

Meet our incredible client Rachel who has completed her 8 week macro challenge + then joined our VIP MEMBERSHIP to continue her journey! She lost 10.8 kilos in 12 weeks + continues the lifestyle. “I’m feeling really good, just feel a lot more positive with more energy.” “My whole lifestyle is different now, focussing on

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Bikini Competition Coaching in Adelaide

As a bikini competition coach, athlete and mentor to women, I’m often asked how to gain confidence. Especially if you are wanting to achieve a big goal, a bikini competition is something to strive for, but also can require a lot of self confidence and self belief. You can use the tips below to analyse

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