Mind to Muscle Connection

Did you know that mind to muscle connection (MMC) is proven by science to affect your weight training results? We all want gains with our strength training, whether it be a rounder booty, boulder shoulders or get tighter hamstring definition. Mind to muscle connection is a great place to start, and I have also put

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Training Beyond Vanity

Exercise to improve your physique is a great reason to start a new regime, but it is also important to recognise that the benefits also encompass self-confidence and often a much happier outlook on life! Read the full article here  from Oxygen Magazine

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Products you need for your fitness goals this season!

The easiest way to ensure you’re addressing all your health and beauty needs is by starting that self care on the inside. I’ve chosen my top picks for the hottest health and wellness products for 2017, to help you achieve your fitness goals!! Remember healthy lifestyles are created with consistency and using a few new

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Review of Best Diets 2017

Any diet can have you losing weight on the scale but it is body composition that’s the ultimate goal. To explain further, our body will look more ‘toned’ if we create shape with weight training to grow lean muscle and reduce the body fat that sits on top of the muscle so definition is seen.

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Healthy Travel Tips

Holidays often come hand in hand with added kilos, but not this time! You can avoid a holiday blow out and instead feel energised without post-holiday blues. Traveling for work? Making healthy choices will leave you feeling nourished, rather than ravenous and grabbing the first thing in sight when you land. Read the full article

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I will NEVER eat bad foods again

We have all heard it before “I will NEVER eat bad foods again” well I have news for you, NEVER is a very long time. And what happens if you get into a situation where you’re at a social event or party? Eating in moderation half a dessert or a small glass of wine won’t

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Core Strength Workout

Build your core strength with this workout featured in Dec/Jan 2017 edition of Oxygen Magazine Australia. Download  the CoreWorkout HERE

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7 Tips to Improve Your Competition Placing

Life works better if we have goals and a sense of competition, both within ourselves driving us to be better and when participating in a fitness competition. Competition is necessary because striving for a particular outcome, despite troubles or setbacks along the way, encourages perseverance and persistence. It does not always mean winning first place

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fitness model guide

Sports Model Survival Guide

Oxygen Magazine: Bikini and Fitness Model Guide If there was a fitness model guide it would make life easier! As Head Coach at Living Beauty I often ask myself what is the “X factor” that a girl needs to be noticed on the fitness model stage? What do the girls have that are simply captivating

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fit mum workout

10 Time Saving Tips for Mum’s

Oxygen Magazine: 10 Time Saving Tips for Fit Mum’s Trying to do a workout when you become a mum can be near impossible. But in this article I show you some time saving tips so you can maintain your fitness. Being a fit mum and working out can be done! Schedules can be unpredictable but

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summer energy

Supercharge your Summer Energy

Oxygen Magazine: Supercharge your Energy for Summer Are you looking for more energy this summer? We look at tips for your lifestyle and your summer energy diet. You can work hard and have balance, it is just a matter of putting some health strategies into place and with these small tweaks big changes will happen.

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