7 Tips to Improve Your Competition Placing

Life works better if we have goals and a sense of competition, both within ourselves driving us to be better and when participating in a fitness competition. Competition is necessary because striving for a particular outcome, despite troubles or setbacks along the way, encourages perseverance and persistence. It does not always mean winning first place

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fitness model guide

Sports Model Survival Guide

Oxygen Magazine: Bikini and Fitness Model Guide If there was a fitness model guide it would make life easier! As Head Coach at Living Beauty I often ask myself what is the “X factor” that a girl needs to be noticed on the fitness model stage? What do the girls have that are simply captivating

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fit mum workout

10 Time Saving Tips for Mum’s

Oxygen Magazine: 10 Time Saving Tips for Fit Mum’s Trying to do a workout when you become a mum can be near impossible. But in this article I show you some time saving tips so you can maintain your fitness. Being a fit mum and working out can be done! Schedules can be unpredictable but

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summer energy

Supercharge your Summer Energy

Oxygen Magazine: Supercharge your Energy for Summer Are you looking for more energy this summer? We look at tips for your lifestyle and your summer energy diet. You can work hard and have balance, it is just a matter of putting some health strategies into place and with these small tweaks big changes will happen.

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amelia ricci

Overcoming Muscle Pain

Ultra Fitness: Overcoming Muscle Pain from Exercise (DOMS) DOMS is delayed onset muscle soreness and there are ways to reduce and treat muscle pain after exercise. Read this article to find out more. Download the complete article here

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Perfect bikini to suit your body

Oxygen Magazine: How to choose a perfect bikini to suit your body Need a bikini to flatter your curves, or tall and athletic and want something sporty, this article is for you! Learn my tips and tricks after many years in the fitness modelling world and find the perfect bikini for you this summer. Download

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safe pregnancy exercise

Pregnancy exercise guide

Oxygen Magazine: Training for two pregnancy exercise guide Here I present to you a safe pregnancy exercise guide for each trimester. Download the complete article here

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benefits yoga

Sculpted body, strong mind

Oxygen Magazine: Sculpted Body Strong Mind with Yoga The benefits of yoga have been documented for decades and here I talk about why yoga is a great compliment to weight training. Download the complete article here

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amelia ricci meal plan

Breaking your fat loss plateau

Oxygen Magazine: Breaking Your Fat Loss Plateau Do you find yourself eating clean and training hard, but you still want a tighter body? Research clearly shows there is not just one thing that leads to fat loss, and there is no single role that is most important, rather it is a combination of factors repeated

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5 Ways to Mindfulness

Oxygen Magazine: 5 Ways to Mindfulness Changing the way you think and transforming your mind to be more positive is a simple concept in sports performance, but is also one of the most difficult to master. But what if you could master your thoughts and change the way you speak to yourself on a daily

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Healthy Detox & Glute Workout

Oxygen Magazine: Detox the Healthy Way & Glute Workout A healthy detox is a great way to kickstart your fitness and wellness journey. Here I give you exercises and great recipes to start a detox and tell you about he many benefits. Download  

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