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Fitness Comp Tips & Abs Routine

Oxygen Magazine: How to win a bikini competition & Fabulous abs Routine Everyone wants to know how to win a bikini competition but it involves more than diet and training. Get the best results by reading this article and give yourself the greatest possible advantage with these fitness model tips. Download

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healthy baby food snacks

Healthy Baby Food Snacks & Post Partum Pilates

Delicious Snacks for Mum’s & Babies & Pilates Routine Finding healthy baby food snacks can be challenging but this article will show you exactly what you can prepare to keep your baby healthy and your own fitness goals on track. I also demonstrate a Pilates routine you can do at home for flat abs. Download

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How to prevent holiday weight gain

I recently went on holiday to beautiful Palm Cove in Queensland and it got me thinking…is a holiday more relaxing if you overeat? Is it possible to go on vacation and return home feeling rejuvenated rather than bloated? The good news is you CAN enjoy yourself on vacation, it’s all about making smart choices and

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How to Make Perfect Cauliflower Rice

Cauliflower rice is a great low carbohydrate alternative to starchy carbs for dinner. This veggie is so versatile that you can add a range of different herbs to season and you can adapt to suit any meal you choose to accompany the cauliflower rice. This blog and video will give you my tips and other

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5 Diet Demons you thought were healthy!

Healthy eating can be confusing, with new diet products promising the magic secret to weight loss. In this blog I give you my top 5 diet demons for women that you thought were healthy. By eliminating or reducing these foods you will shift those stubborn last few kilos. 5 Diet Demons for Women Low Fat

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5 things I’d tell my younger self

Do you need to stop criticising yourself and get motivated again? Read the 5 things I’d tell my younger self including why you get better results NOT exercising every day and why YOU SHOULD indulge in Gelati, chocolate, pizza and other yummy foods you love!! 5 things I’d tell my younger self 1) You will

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best fitness apps

5 Best Fitness Apps You’ll Love

Everyone has a busy life and it’s great to use technology to be more productive with your time. Keep a food diary, book into classes and stay accountable using these fitness apps and before you know it you’ll hit those fitness goals! Check out my 5 Best Fitness Apps to help your fitness journey: My

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burn fat fast

5 Ways to Burn Fat Fast

Fat loss is not just one magic thing, rather it is the combination of several aspects to burn fat fast including nutrition, training and mindset. Each person is different because of their training history, experiences with diets, food preferences and intolerances. Our emotions and mindset towards fat loss is the biggest key as our mind

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5 easy steps to get fit, sexy & strong in 2016

When the year kicks off with fireworks and champagne we are ALL super excited! We set our goals and then enthusiasm drops off as we realise – OMG it’s almost February! Rather than setting crazy goals, stay on track with my super easy tips. 5 easy steps to get fit, sexy & strong in 2016.

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healthy christmas

Healthy Christmas tips and free bikini-friendly recipes

Clean Eating at Christmas Finding healthy eating recipes during the festive season can be a challenge – but you don’t have to eat carrot sticks to maintain a lean body and here’s how I do it… My Christmas day: Wake up and eat breakfast Fitness Model Pancakes, followed by a walk with my husband and

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Incredible Body Transformations

Body transformations, love them or hate them, these photos flood Instagram promising a hot bikini body. The shocking truth is many people revert back to old habits AFTER the program and stack ALL the kilos back on! At Living Beauty Fitness we work differently and our clients maintain their results. How? Sustainable lifestyle program with

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burn fat fast

Amelia Ricci’s Fitness Model Competition Diet

Everyone seems to search the Amelia Ricci Fitness Model Diet! I have SO much exciting news and my EXCLUSIVE fitnessmodelcompetition dietplan to share and this may surprise many of you. Client Results – Stunning Fitness Competitions in Adelaide! Living Beauty had great success and hard work paid off for our clients! Do you want help

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