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Healthy Diet Tips

In this article I look at how to create balance and eliminate stress associated with eating a healthy diet. If you eat something unhealthy you should not feel guilty. It’s this negative thinking that will do you the most harm. On the other hand, if you’re eating large quantities of high calorie foods on a …

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Fit Pregnancy Tips

During pregnancy it’s important to listen to your body, slow down your training and ultimately make changes according to what’s right for you. You might have expectations about getting in shape post baby, which is natural. But the best thing you can do is take the pressure off yourself and just enjoy the journey. Here’s …

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Fit Mum’s Club

Whether you are currently pregnant, a mother of five, or single as a pringle the pressures of social media to conform to a particular body standard prevail. Read Amelia’s interview in the February 2018 edition of Women’s Health & Fitness Magazine. Click to read the full article

Training Beyond Vanity

Exercise to improve your physique is a great reason to start a new regime, but it is also important to recognise that the benefits also encompass self-confidence and often a much happier outlook on life! Read the full article here  from Oxygen Magazine

Healthy Travel Tips

Holidays often come hand in hand with added kilos, but not this time! You can avoid a holiday blow out and instead feel energised without post-holiday blues. Traveling for work? Making healthy choices will leave you feeling nourished, rather than ravenous and grabbing the first thing in sight when you land. Read the full article …

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