Congratulations Brooke!

If you are sitting at home thinking about what the remainder of the year holds for you, fitness competitions are a fantastic way to learn a lot about the healthy way of living and along the way learn a lot about yourself.

I have just returned from teaching a stage walking and posing class for Nicole, Grace and Alisa and they are looking incredible and ready for next week.

Last week Brooke from Perth competed and I wanted to post her competition day photo as I am so proud of her! She has lost a total of 10.5kg with Living Beauty programs in 9 months! She sent me a lovely message last week:

Hi Amelia!
I had an absolute ball last night at the comp – unfortunately I didnt place in the top 3 but I improved ten fold since last time! I had so many people coming up to me afterwards commenting on my stage presence and saying that they thought I was going to win which was great, so I must have done something right!! But at the end of the day it is a competition and its all up to the judges! I felt really good out there and gave it everything so I know I did everything possible and have no regrets!
I would like to say a huge thank you to you for everything you have done for me over the past 9 months – all your support, encouragement and advice, you have changed me as a person inside and out. I am more happy, healthy, fit and strong both mentally and physically. After taking on these challenges and getting through the ups and downs it makes everything else feel easy!
Thanks again Amelia, your a true living beauty xxxx

Brooke at her Sports Model competition

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