4 week bikini body advanced

What’s included in the 4 week bikini body Advanced Program?

  • Metabolism-firing, full body workout plan.
  • Suitable for home or gym.
  • 54 exercises are included with descriptions and photographs.
  • 4 week meal plan with delicious recipes.
  • Gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian options.

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  • 5 bikini friendly dessert recipes to crush your sweet cravings the healthy way.
  • 8 brilliant meal prep secrets that will save you hours in the kitchen.
  • 7 day body overhaul. Amelia’s personally designed body blitz countdown to get you ready for your special event or holiday.

How long will it take for me to feel and see results?

If you follow Amelia’s blogs and the Original 4 week Bikini Body Program, we make it very clear that this is not a quick fix, nor a starvation program. It is a long-term lifestyle change. You will begin feel better immediately as you take control of your life and your health.

What’s Amelia’s point of difference?

Qualifications & Experience: 20 years certified by Fitness Australia.

Proven track record of helping hundreds of women transform their body over many years in the fitness industry.

Why is this meal plan different, I have failed at diets in the past?

This is not a starvation program, there is no calorie counting and you will learn to fuel your body for energy, wellbeing and long term maintenance of results.

Delicious recipes ensure you never feel bored and you will be eating meals with delicious flavours.

How much exercise do I need to do every week?

Each week there are 54 exercises within 3 fun and intense workouts which become more challenging as the program progresses. The workouts are structured to optimise your time and results and therefore you can workout at home or at the gym using the full body training system including:

  • Strength
  • Cardio
  • Abs
  • Stretching Program

Your Great Transformations

On average women lose up to 4 kilos on the program, however their body shape changes dramatically and they feel stronger. This program is a lifestyle change and results are maintainable for the long term.

Gemma Dawson followed the program with great results.

How to get a bikini body fast
Gemma made the 4 week bikini body program a lifestyle change and this is 6 months after she completed the healthy body transformation program.
Chantal Giannopoulos enjoyed her new lifestyle which also enhanced the wellbeing of her 3 children.
Chantal Giannopoulos enjoyed her new lifestyle which also enhanced the wellbeing of her 3 children.

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