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Competition day is a celebration day, after working hard and focusing toward this one day – everyone is in great shape. I like to ensure my girls are in good health months after the competition. Here is a story to prove it…

Alisa trained as a sports model with Living Beauty back in 2011 and is still living the “Living Beauty” lifestyle. She moved from Adelaide to Melbourne and continues to compete over in Melbourne, looking healthy and radiant every show! It is important to continue to live a healthy lifestyle. LONG TERM health is our goal at Living Beauty.

“Living Beauty helped me to manage my time and all the other Living Beauties are a great example of how it can be done.” – Alisa

So, what does she do to keep so fit? I asked her a few questions below.

Alisa Joukovski - competing at ANB Competition
Alisa Joukovski – competing at ANB Competition

What type of work do you do these days?
Since the time I’ve started competing, I’ve always worked full time. I currently work as a Marketing Assistant/Coordinator, Monday to Friday, 8am – 5pm. This means I’m sitting in a chair for most of the day and am constantly tempted with yummy pastries and scrumptious morning teas. Marketers are one of the top consumers of coffee and it’s hard not to get sucked in to the coffee culture. I will usually have a morning coffee but keep all other beverages to water, black or green tea with no sugar.

Amelia’s note: Living Beauty recommends: one coffee per day, and no supplements containing caffeine as stimulants may be detrimental to health and the adrenal system.

How do you fit training and meal prep around work and what is your weekly schedule of training?
Working full time, I have become good at fitting my work outs in around those hours. I try to do 2 early morning workouts during the week (normally Tuesday and Thursday) before work. This means a 5.30am wake up call provided I have prepared and packed everything the night before. This leaves me with free evenings after work as well. My workouts before work are usually weights sessions but I sometimes change one of these to a run.

For the other week days I work out straight after work, adding in a rest day usually on the Wednesday or Friday. I try to keep the weekends rather relaxed due to the busy week schedule. I play in a tennis competition team on Saturday mornings as part of the Tennis Victoria pennant competition. I find this is a great way to add variety to my training as it’s another form of cardio, and provides me with a social aspect to moving my body in contrast to solitary weights sessions.

Sundays are a mixed bag and always something different – whether it’s a high intensity RPM class in the morning, a weights session that I may have missed during the week, a yoga or pilates class to stretch out the body or a bit of an ab blast.

My training schedule doesn’t change with on or off season competition prep. I have always loved to train and it’s part of my routine and something that I get a lot of joy out of. It’s the eating plan that changes for me when it comes time to preparing for a competition. I am constantly striving to improve my overall strength and body. This goal does not change with the start or end of a competition season.

What is your current meal plan (off season?)
Currently I am not being too strict with my intake. I still keep my off season eating plan clean with fresh foods but I have reintroduced fruits and other coloured vegetables besides just greens. I have a sweet tooth and love chocolate and baking. I enjoy a treat now and then during off season and will only have dessert and a glass (or 2!) of wine on Sunday night. I don’t particularly enjoy measuring my portions or counting calories, so during my off season I simply eat in moderation and eat smart. Part of off season is not using your energies stressing about your food intake. It’s important to give my body a rest from a restricted diet, but by sticking to the principles of clean eating I ensure that my body is in an ideal state for continuous strength training and I can take a mental break from the preparation.

Amelia’s note: During a comp prep lots of competitors decrease carbohydrate intake in the final weeks before a show by eating a large volume of green veggies because these are the lowest in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates such as rice, potato and oats are not removed on a Living Beauty competition preparation, but intake is timed and portion controlled. You don’t have to weigh your food, but I do recommend this at least at the start, especially for protein such as fish, chicken and steak because sometimes we can UNDERESTIMATE how much we need, and weighing ensures you eat ENOUGH.

Lots of girls EAT MORE volume of food during a comp prep. It typically involves 5 meals a day all of REAL FOOD – for example eggs, fish, chicken, steak, quinoa, sweet potato, rice, vegetables and of course a lot of good quality filtered water each day. Combined with a solid training routine and rest these factors all impact success.

For a FREE Off Season Meal plan see Amelia’s Oxygen Article on Post Comp Nutrition

What is your comp history?
My first competition was for INBA in April 2011 in Adelaide. I was extremely nervous I had never been to a competition before – even to observe! My second was for the NABBA in May 2011 in Adelaide as well.

I then moved to Melbourne that July and decided to compete with no help in the NABBA VIC state competition in October of that year. This was a little hard as I was new to the city and to the community of competitors in Melbourne.

The principles of training, clean eating and keeping up with Amelia and the other Living Beauty girls on social media meant that I always had a good reserve of advice and motivation even though I was now living in another state.

I took a year off competitions and decided to have another crack and diving head first with the FitX Fitness Expo in March 2013. I was able to enter the Amateur Grand Prix with the IFBB federation who ran their competiti on through the expo with Pro athletes coming from different states. I then competed in the ANB Fitness Mania in March, the INBA VIC titles in April and finally the INBA All Female Classic in June. The calibre of girls that have entered the circuit in just a few years is outstanding. I compete against myself and strive to improve each time I get on stage, in particular my confidence on stage.
I would love to compete in season B next year but we’ll just have to wait and see!

Amelia’s note: taking time off between competitions is a good key to success. It increases motivation and allows for good muscle growth which takes years to build the shape you desire, especially if you are new to weights.

Alisa Joukovski - Competing at INBA Competition
Alisa Joukovski – Competing at INBA Competition

What are the two main things you remember about the the Living Beauty lifestyle?
1 – Amelia is always reminding us to move our body every day and to be active, whether it’s something as small as going for a walk at lunch time if you can not fit a work out in that day (we have a small hill leading up to the shopping strip in my work area which is great for a brisk walk).

2 – Planning and preparing your meals is a great way to free up time during the week. Whether you use that time to fit in a workout, relax or spend time with friends. You should no longer have to utter the words: “I wish I had time for…”.

Living Beauty helped me to manage my time and all the other Living Beauties are a great example of how it can be done.

Thank you Alisa and I wish you every success in the future.

FREE Recipe for the Living Beauty Energy Smoothie recipe is on Amelia’s Instagram @livingbeautyamelia

Living Beauty Green Smoothie
Living Beauty ENERGY Smoothie

With only one week to go until the INBA (SA) Titles and two weeks to the ANB Competition, I look forward to meeting everyone at the shows! Come and find me at the Living Beauty booth in the intermission. We will be raising funds for Childhood Cancer by selling protein balls! Come and say hello to past Living Beauty Bikini and Fitness Models Gemma, Christie, Amanda and Elle! The girls are living the lifestyle and some have plans to compete next year, the girls can answer any of your questions.

Living Beauty protein balls will be sold for Childhood Cancer on 29 Sept at the INBA competition - please help us support this cause!
Living Beauty protein balls will be sold for Childhood Cancer on 29 Sept at the INBA competition – please help us support this important cause!


Face to face communication is the best – so please don’t be shy, come up and say hello to Christie, Elle, Gemma and Amanda and ask them about their experiences competing – they all work full time and juggle their responsibilities to have a balanced life – and would be happy to answer your questions. We are also raising funds for Childhood Cancer – so please bring gold coins to donate!!

Love and Light

Amelia x o

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