Fitness Model Tips from a New Mum & Free Recipe!

Today I am going to share a FREE protein ball recipe, that is actually high protein – not a ridiculous concoction of fat and sugar… like most of the recipes out there! Also in this blog learn how fit mum Leanne stays motivated & healthy, even with a family – learn her secrets here…

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What did Living Beauty training teach you about goal setting? I understand since finishing the program you have met the love of your life, moved to sunny Queensland and also have a beautiful daughter, Nelly.

Prior to joining the Living Beauty team, the goals I would set for myself were vague goals, for example in my triathlon training, – such as, finishing the race. I should have made my goals more specific such as achieving a time or a placing etc.

Once I received my Living Beauty program, my goal of entering a fitnessmodel competition was broken down into tiny steps of daily and weekly tasks and goals, which made reaching the goal much more achievable. I learned how breaking down a goal into many small achievable steps would mean I would be more likely to succeed, and also that a worthy achievement doesn’t come easily.

Being involved in Living Beauty also gave me the motivation to make a big life change. Most people in the fitness industry are super positive, sometimes over the top positive, but it certainly rubs off on others which is fantastic.

After setting up a business and building a house in my home town, I felt like there was nothing more to achieve, I guess that”s why I was seeking new goals and challenges. I decided to move to the Sunshine Coast, three months after that I met my now fiancé and we have an 8 month old daughter. We are planning a backyard wedding on Valentine”s Day, 2 years to the day after we met.


When you were competing and achieved the goal of this photo shoot what were your keys to success?

Definitely meal prep, if you aren”t organised it is really easy to slip up. If you don”t have any cheat foods in the house, then you can”t cheat (well not easily). The other thing, in hindsight, is that you really have to trust your coach.

To get the optimum result you have to follow their plan and advice. It really didn”t hit home with me until there were only weeks until the comp and I thought I wouldn”t be ready. I followed the plans to a “T‚Äù then, before I would have tiny little cheats most days! (Don”t tell Amelia!)

I was very happy with my results and what I achieved, but looking back now, I think I could have been even better if I trusted more and was more disciplined right from the start!


How old is your daughter Nelly?

Nellie will be 8 months old next week. She is sitting and crawling, it all just happens so fast!

What are the activities you do as a family to stay fit?

In the early days post baby, walking was the best exercise for us. It”s important to get out of the house, and baby usually loves to have a sleep in the pram.

Now as a family, we go jogging with the pram. We have only just started doing this because the baby needs to have good head control. I don”t have a “jogging pram‚Äù but I jog with my pram just the same! It has a swivel/straight lock which really helps with jogging.

I have just bought Nellie a bike seat to go on the back of my bike. I am sure she will love this once I can get the seat installed correctly, safety is very important obviously. Also the smallest helmet doesn’t quite fit her yet!

I attend the local aquatic centre, Nellie and I do a swimming lesson together, then we have a snack. Nellie then goes into the crèche for a sleep (swimming lessons are very tiring) while I swim some laps.

I also do a Pilates class for new mums once a week, Nellie comes sometimes but usually her grandparents can babysit.

Staying fit during the pregnancy really helped me to get my fitness back after the birth, I had to have a caesarean so I had to take it easy for 6 weeks, but by the 7th week I was back playing social basketball to meet new people and have something for myself.

As a physio I wouldn”t recommend this (do as I say, not as I do!), but I really took it easy and I was stronger than the average new mum due to my background in sports and weight training. I was very conscious of my pelvic floor, doing exercises during and after my pregnancy.


Is Nelly on solids now and what types of healthy foods do you eat as a family?

Nellie started solids at 6 months, before that she was breastfed exclusively. We incorporated “Baby Led Weaning‚Äù which basically means you give the baby finger foods from the start, rather than pureeing the food. It means she can eat what we eat, it”s a lot of fun but again it takes a bit of forward planning.

A balanced diet is important for everyone but in particular babies. Some things we eat as a family are sushi, lean meatballs, Thai fish cakes, fruit salad, roast vegetable salads, Moroccan chicken with chickpeas and quinoa.

Since following my Living Beauty plan, I always make a meal plan for the week so I don”t over or under shop or waste any food.

Written by: Leanne Wright, Living Beauty Fitness Model, New Mum and Physiotherapist.
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (1999).
Qualified group fitness instructor and personal trainer (certificate 3 and 4).

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Baby Ricci, due in a few weeks!
Baby Ricci, due in a few weeks!

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Are you next?

Living Beauty

Goji berri & Banana

Protein Balls

IMG_7115 (2)

*most protein balls actually are a bit of a fallacy – because they contain far too little protein – be aware what goes in and how it affects your body composition goals!!

Rolls into 40 balls. Coat with dedicated coconut. Refrigerate.

Each ball is a 2 centimetre diameter (approx. 15g each ball) – ONE serve is THREE Balls.

Dry ingredients

200 grams whole grain rolled oats
150 grams The Natural Protein Company WPI powder (banana)
50g banaban coconut chips or dedicated coconut (unsweetened)
50g pepitas (pumpkin seeds)


35g goji berries
40g dried cranberries

Wet ingredients

40 grams nut butter (I used tahini unhulled)
¾ cup coconut water

Mix all dry ingredients in a blender, then slowly add dried fruit until combined well (and chopped fine).

Add wet ingredients. If consistency is too dry add a splash of coconut water.

Rolls into 40 balls. Coat with dedicated coconut. Refrigerate.

Macros Per ball: 52 calories, 2.2 f, 4.8 c, 3.4 p (Grams)

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Love and Light

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