Gabby, 8 week macro challenge

Losing the last 5 kilos can be tough, but Living Beauty gives our clients the tools.
Meet Gabby our amazing client who completed the 8 week macro challenge which is an educational program about nutrition, macros and teaches you how to fuel your body.

During this program, you will receive videos and workbooks each week that give you the tools, systems and an in depth understanding of nutrition. The 8 week macro challenge teaches you what your body needs to feel amazing and fuel yourself to reach your body composition goals.

“I’m pretty happy with everything so far, it has felt like so much food.”

“One thing I have noticed since I’ve started is that I haven’t had any painful bloating like I would normally get in the afternoons! I’ve just realised how often I would get the bloating.”

“I haven’t had ANY bloating since I started this, and how much it affected me wanting to train after work! Now I’m excited to go to the gym as I’ve got more energy” ~ Gabby
Gabby completed the 8 week macro challenge and is now a VIP Member. 

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