Healthy Pizza Recipe & Fitness Lifestyle Tips!

In this month’s LIVING BEAUTY FITNESS blog:

  • Adelaide fitness model competition update.
  • $500 raised for Childhood Cancer Association.
  • Easy tips to achieve your health and fitness goals.
  • Healthy guilt free pizza recipe.

Taking positive steps to achievehealth and wellnessgoals requires self belief and this happensfrom the inside out!
I am very proud of recent Adelaide Fitness competition clients Jo and Marguerita who had a very successful season.Not only did our clients make great achievements, but we also held our twice yearly fundraiser selling protein balls at the Fitness competitions. We raised over $500 for The Childhood Cancer Association. A huge thank you to all the Living Beauty girls who helped.

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Amelia, Jo, Marguerita and Gemma.
Amelia, Jo, Marguerita and Gemma.

How positive actionsand thoughts will achieve your goals

People often complain about the “bad” situation they are in. They usually complain and look for someone, or something to blame, rather than acknowledge it is their own actions that led to this situation.

  • If you blow your moneyon something you cannot afford, it will impact negatively on your finances.
  • If you have a cold or flu and go to the gym, you will feel worse.
  • If you feel drained after hanging out with a negative person, why notdistance yourself?
  • If you eat a particular food and you feel sick, why eat it again?

Wheredid common sense go?

I often hear people say things like:

  • Oh I just went crazy eating at Christmas (or Easter) and now I have 5 kilos to lose, so I am going to go on a “fasting diet”.
  • I was out of control with my spending on a holiday, and now I have huge credit card repayments.
  • I could not go to the gym for the whole of winter because it was too cold.

Life can be fun and you can have freedom to enjoy eating, spending, or whatever you like, BUT – you do not need to go to extremes, just use “common sense” and then you won’t have to whinge again because you have put yourself in a bad situation!

Now that’s where the word discipline comes in. Life is about compromise, doing things you do not want to do sometimes. If you keep practising discipline then you will be rewarded and all the things you do want and the happy times will follow.

Amelia teaching Yoga in Adelaide

Use commonsense…if you know something is bad for you whether it be a habit, a relationship, a food, a form of exercise then don’t do it.

Once you have developed some discipline you will achieve great things. AND most importantly, If you have good common sense you wont need too much discipline!

Fitness and wellness is a lifestyle –Choosing common sense now will make every goal easier, because you will travel the middle path and then can ramp up your discipline when you want to achieve big goals – but you never need ‘damage control’.

Cauliflower Pizza Base for Guilt Free Pizza

Cauliflower pizza base with fresh ingredients - prior to cooking the pizza.
Cauliflower pizza base with fresh ingredients – prior to cooking the pizza.

Everyone has been asking about the Cauliflower pizza base. I enjoy it because it gives me extra veggies.

IngredientsMakes one base
(serves one large or two small)
5 egg whites (or 3 whole eggs)
3 tbsp grated Parmesan (optional)

Cauliflower rice:
1/2 or 3/4 cup steamed cauliflower. Let this cool completely and put into a food processor and process to make rice consistency.

Sliced button mushrooms
Spring onions
Cherry tomatoes
Red Capsicum
Feta cheese (use sparingly e.g. 20 grams for one person)


  1. Mix eggs, cauliflower rice and parmesan cheesein a bowl.
  2. Heata little coconut oil in a large skillet or frying pan and wipe excess oil with paper towel, so the base of the pan is well coated.
  3. Cook the cauliflower base (like a pancake and flip so both sides are cooked).
  4. Transfer to a large baking tray lined with baking paper.
  5. Add toppings.
  6. Bake in oven at 180 for approx 10-15 min.

Make health & fitness your lifestyle and you will easily achieve your goals!

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Yours in Health and Wellness,

Amelia x o

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