Products you need for your fitness goals this season!

The easiest way to ensure you’re addressing all your health and beauty needs is by starting that self care on the inside. I’ve chosen my top picks for the hottest health and wellness products for 2017, to help you achieve your fitness goals!! Remember healthy lifestyles are created with consistency and using a few new products can give you the variety you need to stay on track!

LA’Bang Body

Dry skin has me like ☹️so I try to moisturise daily + this smells like a liquid piña colada 🌴La Bang Body coconut lime body oil is ✔️Vegan, ✔️Australian Made ✔️ all natural. Other delicious varieties are vanilla and strawberry.

Tumeric Golden Milk

The ultimate winter pick-me- up, this drink is caffeine free and has immune boosting benefits. With ingredients include turmeric which has benefits including fighting inflammation, antioxidants and protecting the heart in various ways.

I love this product because it’s dairy free and a nice clean ingredient list including: turmeric, cinnamon, vanilla powder and black pepper.

It is a wellness nectar and makes me feel happy when I drink it with its smooth, nurturing warmth which reminds of wrapping myself in a warm blanket on a cold winter’s night.

Method: Combine 1 tsp. MYLK Infusion with 250ml warmed unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk.

Mingle Sahara Spice Mix

We all need to eat more protein, especially to get toned, strong and lean! But how to we eat the same chicken and fish options but make them a party for your mouth? The answer in to vary your spices.

Spices can often contain sugar as the second ingredient or are bulked out with cheap nasties such as wheat flour. As I follow the low FODMAP diet, my main problem is that every spice seems to have garlic or onion powder which makes me very sick!

This is a fructose free and FODMAP friendly product and they have many more flavours in the range.

Happy Way Chocolate Protein

Yay for quality and all natural ingredients. The rich, velvety, chocolate flavour didn’t disappoint. I loved Happy Way.

My favourite way to use Protein is in my healthy chocolate cake recipe, which is a chocolate cake you can eat every day! Get the recipe here.

12 Health Protein Pancake Mix

Pancakes are a favourite in my house and especially protein pancakes as they keep you fuller for longer. And, they also help body composition goals of recovery from weights workouts and getting those booty gainz! The 12 Health Protein Pancakes are delicious.

I tried the recipe for Salted Caramel Popcorn Pancakes and loved it!

Please note this is not a sponsored post, I did receive products to review but am not paid for this and as always I write my blog about products I actually use! Get yours for 10% off with the code amelia at

Amelia x

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