How do you deal with pressure?

How do you deal with pressure? Is it deadlines at work, housework that never ends, a crazy study schedule, children to look after 24/7 or a combination of everything?
I deal with this pressure by using positive affirmations, being really organised with my food, putting my training in my diary and just doing it.
Looking at my schedule right now I am 6 weeks out from a photo shoot so training is high and food preparation is critical. I am organising a corporate event for 200 people this Friday, next Saturday we have our Living Lean Seminar and on top of this I have family commitments and a household to run. I still find time to see my girlfriends and to spend time with loved ones.
It can be done, you too can achieve your goals it is all about being organised and wanting to achieve your goals! The old saying “Where there”s a will there”s a way‚Äù comes to mind.
It is easy to play the victim, but we are all responsible for the time we have in our day and the way we allocate this. I choose this lifestyle, I choose to train, eat clean and associate with positive people. I love it and do not see it as a sacrifice. I choose the organic store over a pub, resting when I need to rather than pushing myself to go out, and I feel better for it.
Whatever you want to achieve you can do it you just have to want it bad enough! Learn to be in control of your time, in control of your work and say “no‚Äù when you need to. We have the luxury of choice so make positive choices every day.
Tomorrow I choose to get up at 5:30am and train, I choose to put in a hard day”s work and when it is lunch time I choose to get up from my desk and eat lunch in a relaxed manner and put myself first. It is all the small things in life that add up to make you the person you want to be.
As I sit here I have chicken in the oven and I have also made an amazing recipe I would like to share with you:

Living Beauty Banana Berry Loaf

60grams Chick Pea Flour
120grams gluten free self raising flour
1tsp cinnamon
60grams rapadura (unprocessed sugar)
2tbsp olive oil
2 whole organic eggs
1 banana (or two small ones)
100ml water
frozen berries
Organic coconut palm sugar

Preheat oven to 180 degrees. Line a 22 x 11 x 6cm loaf tin with organic butter and cut baking paper to fit.
Add all dry ingredients to a blender, kitchen aid or my favourite appliance Thermomix and mix until combined. Add oil, eggs, banana, water and mix until smooth.
Pour one third of the mixture into prepared loaf tin, add a layer of frozen mixed berries, add another layer of mixture, another layer of berries and then finish with final layer of mixture and sprinkle the top with the organic coconut palm sugar.
Bake for approximately 50 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean. Allow to cool slightly before turning out onto a wire rack.

I have made this a few times lately and as I refuse to eat processed foods it is a great natural alternative.

For those in Adelaide my friend Amber Walker and I are running a seminar on the 14th August, click here to go back to the homepage and download the flyer and please do not forget to email me to register

Have a great week.

Love and Light

Amelia x o

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