How to be guilt free and enjoy Healthy Christmas in 2021!

Healthy Christmas treats

Do you want to have a healthy Christmas, enjoy the holidays, but remain on track with your fitness goals? At Living Beauty we will help with Healthy Christmas treats recipes and fitness ideas to make 2021 extra special. So many of us create guilt around Christmas food and drinks, but this mindset will derail you more than the actual calories. Having fun with my simple tips. I will be sharing my healthy Christmas ideas @livingbeautyfitness

The secret is to plan your events around a structured exercise routine and ensure you continue your workouts all the way through the holiday season.

Healthy Christmas ideas @livingbeautyfitness

No time for your normal five days of workouts, going away for a vacation to see family? It’s ok to be flexible with your routine:

  • Look up gyms or fitness centers when on vacation and join classes that are fun.
  • Fitness apps are great for on-the-go workouts and you can choose the duration.
Workout routines are tailored to you on our Living Beauty Fitness app

No one wants to end up being a party pooper, constantly refusing all the yummy treats and festive foods, but there needs to be some balance when it comes to your nutrition intake.

  • Choose one or two parties where you may go “all out” and enjoy drinks and food.
  • Stay focused on tracking your calories and macros for the other days of the week. Tracking using an app will allow you more flexibility to fit in your treats and still remain within your calorie targets.
  • Make healthy Christmas treats to take to your friends parties and celebrate with a few lighter options that will ensure you remain energetic and ready for summer holidays.

Want my healthy Christmas Treats recipes? I will share everything on my blog ad Instagram in the next few weeks. Want to stay focused on your fitness goals but still have fun? Join me and my family for a fun festive season follow @livingbeautyamelia

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