How to Recover from a Few Days of Eating Rubbish!

Amelia Ricci
Nov 2012
Photo by Dallas Olsen

Wow! talk about busy, after a few killer weeks of working 12 hour days and then preparing for Christmas, it is finally time to exhale, relax and enjoy the summer.


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Amelia writes for Australian Oxygen Mag


The festive season is in full swing and let’s face it many of us will eat more than usual over the Christmas and New Year Break.

My Christmas has been a healthy one as I made lots of salads and healthy desserts to bring to my friends and families events. However, I am not perfect and just like you I need to stay focused, so I don’t add unwanted kilos over this season of celebration.

Here are the LIVING BEAUTY tips:

Sweat it out: get outdoors and run at the beach, or head to the gym and do a weights circuit! Don”t make excuses and sit around, it”s more effective to force yourself out of the house & sweat it all out, as opposed to lounging around! You will feel amazing, your endorphins will kick in and BOOM! Instant recovery!

Fill your fridge with all healthy food!
If you dont have junk in the house you can’t eat it.
Example of apost Christmasmeal plan:

– Breakfast: Quinoa, blueberries, cinnamon, mint leaves.

– Snack: Grapefruit slices (vitamin C, fibre, minimum sugar!)

– Lunch: Grilled chicken, spicy mustard (no additives), sliced tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and red capsicum.

– Snack:A handful of raw almonds.

– Dinner: Veggies galore! Avocado, broccoli, celery, and bok choy with a few egg whites on top (dressing a little balsamic vinegar, Olive oil , fresh lemon, and freshly ground black pepper with Himalayan salt.)

After dinner: Ginger Herbal Tea!

Drink Up!
Water- drink as much water as possible.
During the day drink green tea as it is full of antioxidants AND speeds the metabolism!

Cut alcohol and all treats for5 days
Make sure you are NICE to yourself CUT the self-criticism and DO something productive about it!

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Happy Christmas and New Year to all Living Beauty Friends,

Love and Light

Amelia x o

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