How to Stay Fit and Healthy During Lockdown

lockdown fitness tips

Maintaining your fitness during lockdown is a combination of three main things: movement, mindset and nutrition. You can stay on track with your fitness by tracking your nutrition, keeping up your steps and creating a morning routine to start your day with healthy habits. As a nutrition coach, I know first hand that by taking a daily walk, eating a healthy breakfast and setting up the start of my day with a few good habits, is the key to staying on track with my fitness goals.

4 steps to achieve your lockdown fitness goal

If you’ve been watching everyone else’s productivity fill your Instagram feed, but can’t seem to land on a goal of your own and stick with it, I have some pointers that will help you get focused.

So how do you set a new goal, especially a fitness goal?

1. Make it specific

What outcome do you actually want to see? Is it to lose weight, get visible abs or lift and tone your glutes? If you don’t set yourself a measure of success, then how will you know if/when you’ve achieved your goal? A focused program like my Abs Challenge, Flat Abs Secrets will help you funnel your energy and chart your progress – both aesthetically and in your core strength levels. When you can envision your amazing results at the end of the road, you’re more likely to stick with it.

2. Be focused

Don’t set yourself too many fitness goals at one time. You’ll find your objectives far more achievable if you focus on one goal, and then move on to the next. That’s not to say you can’t work on multiple aspects of your fitness at the same time – we should all aim for a balanced and dynamic level of fitness. But when it comes to your goals, be as laser-focused as possible. If you want abs and a strong core, gear yourself up mentally to make that happen, so you can feel that satisfaction of achieving something you’ve put your mind to.

3. Make yourself accountable

Goals are easy to quit if no one knows about them. Declare your objective, post about it on social media if you like – my VIP members-only Living Beauty Facebook community is a great place to do just that, while finding support and motivation. Or maybe you have a training partner (or will have when gym’s re-open). Tell them what you’re aiming for and ask them to nudge you if you get off track. Once you say it out loud, a challenge feels far more real.

4. Put a clock on it

Break your goals up into blocks of time – and think of each block as a stepping stone to a bigger objective. It’s a great way to motivate yourself if you know you’ve got a deadline to meet your objectives.

How Living Beauty Fitness can help you

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