Lara Stokes, Fit Mum

What are your goals?

I’ve found training with Living Beauty a wonderful experience with an amazing support network. My goal is to ultimately compete in my first ever bikini comp, but my lifestyle and training needed a complete overhaul, and Amelia has helped me with all these things!

What are the custom training programs like?

Living Beauty training is amazing! Nothing like having the programs and know how to kick ones own butt in the gym and this is just what Amelia’s programs do! Empowering us with the knowledge of effective and results based training programs

How are you enjoying the meal plans?

The meal plans are amazing! They’re delicious so you never feel you’re missing out on yummy food. You’re even allowed chocolate. This is important for someone like me who loves food!

What results have you achieved so far?

So far I’ve lost 7kg and feel so confident in my own skin that I’ve now twice posted pics of my progress on Instagram, even one in a bikini!

What advice to you have for anyone thinking of starting the program?

To any mum who’s thinking about getting started, from one mum to another, you’ll be so glad you did. No matter where your starting point, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. It’s never too late to feel fabulous.

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