Living Beauty Loves Life!

I have had a fabulous few weeks, living and breathing fitness! It started with a great seminar with all the Living Beauty girls where we got together as a team to learn some nutrition insights! When your body is fuelled right you can train right and this past month has seen me push some great personal bests in weights and cardio which is very exciting! I love fitness, it excites me and when I am prepping for a photo shoot or competition there is nothing more exciting!
I am just back from Melbourne and the All Female Muscle Classic, and it was so much fun. I met up with an old friend who I met in 2007 and she not only helped me with the mundane tasks like grocery shopping but also came with me to my photo shoot! We met during competitions and it always reminds me the great people that I have met whilst in this sport! Love you Robyn!
During my time in Melbourne I stayed with Jo Rogers and got to witness first hand her spectacular hand crystalled work over many hours that she applies to each originally designed bikini. It was amazing to watch.
Perry Venakis was my coach for this show and his knowledge, dedication and support was second to none during the lead up. It was great to know I had done everything I could to present my best package on the day!
I also did a photo shoot with Mariya Mova which was a lot of fun and I have included some of the photos in this post.
I achieved third place in the Sports Model tall division and was so happy to have placed out of eight stunning girls. I felt great on the night and am still on a high!
A great thing about the trip was making it home to Adelaide in time for my best friend, so I could be there for the Christening of her baby boy and hang out with friends. My husband was so excited when he picked me up from the airport knowing I had achieved my goal to compete at the All Females and the excitement has only just started to wear off!
Now my focus is on training the Living Beauty girls for the upcoming September and October competition season!
I am really excited to announce a Seminar “Living Lean and Healthy‚Äù with my friend and fitness model Amber Walker. With over twenty years of combined personal training experience and outstanding athletic achievements. This is your chance to learn our system of living lean.
Feel energised, lose body fat and feel your best ever!
Date: Sunday 14th August 2011, 10am to 4.30pm
Location: Limbo Gym, 72 Lyons Road Holden Hill, Located in Adelaide, SA
Sign up before 25th July and receive the early bird rate of $90 to book please email


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