Meet Living Beauty Brooke Carmichael from Perth

I receive many enquiries asking me about on line training with Living Beauty and how it works. I thought I would provide an example of one of the girls from interstate Brooke, with whom I have worked with for the past three months.
Brooke has written a few words below about her experience with on line training.

Brooke Carmichael

“I have always wanted to get 100% out of life, so at the age of 19 I decided to join the Army. I have been in the Army now for just over 6 years, in that time I have been deployed to Afghanistan twice – which was an absolutely amazing experience. Whilst over there, in my down time, I also managed to complete my Cert III/IV in Fitness by correspondence.

This year in knowing that there were no future deployments on the horizon – I set myself three goals – one was to go to University, so this year I started a Bachelor of Exercise & Sports Science at the University of Notre Dame in Fremantle, which has been a dream of mine for many years. Number two was to compete in a Sportsmodel competition – but I wasn”t sure where to begin‚Ķ I saw an ad for Living Beauty Online Personal Training/Sports Model preparation with Amelia Ricci. So (now 12 weeks ago) I contacted Amelia – and there my journey to a total body transformation begun. She has been absolutely amazing – I would never have made it through the many ups and downs of competition preparation without her! So after the last 3 months of training hard and eating clean, I am competing in my first Sportsmodel competition in IFBB on the 2nd of October – very excited but also very nervous!!
I train myself at the Army gym where I work, my training includes:
Cardio training: 6x 1hr in the mornings and weight training 4 days a week.
I am also a huge fan of Crossfit training- incorporating a few WOD”s (workout of the day) into my cardio routine a week, I also do 2 RPM classes as part of my cardio on Mon and Fri mornings @ 6am.”

Brooke worked with me closely to achieve her goal. I wrote all her plans and changed them regularly so she did not get bored. The plans were tailored to Brooke’s work schedule, food preferences andincluded all of her meals, workouts and supplements. Brooke was able to email me at any time and I would always answer either straight away or within 24 hours. Then we also had a regular update day where Brooke would email me her stats including weight and measurements and photos.
When you train with Living Beauty, there is no right or wrong. We worked together each week to overcome any problems and to focus on what Brooke had done to adhere to the plans. As a coach I teach my girls to love their body and accept that each day will not be easy, there will be hard times as well as good times and I approach their training with positive reinforcement and teach them all the tips and tricks I have used over the years. It is very personalised.

The outcome has been exceptional and Brooke exceeded her goals by doing two competitions. She did IFBB Bikini and then NABBA/WFF Miss Glamour and placed 3rd! I am so proud of Brooke and her achievements.
I have worked with several girls interstate this season and I look forward to sharing their stories with you each week.

Now is the perfect time to start with a plan from Living Beauty so contact me for a brochure or visit my web site for package prices and details.

Love and Light

Amelia x o

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