Meet Team Living Beauty!

I have been working for the past five months with an incredible team and last weekend we had so much fun at the INBA SA competition! We all live in Adelaide and although the girls train on line we met up weekly for posing classes. I also fitted the girls for their Style on Stage bikini’s and taught them Power Yoga!

Ali, Gemma, Amelia, Sarah, Ruth, Sasha

The girls had also competed in the WNBF two weeks prior so they knew what to do and this time it was pure fun!
Out of a line up of 7 at WNBF Gemma placed 1st and Sasha 3rd, then at the INBA out of a line up of 15, Gemma placed 2nd and Sasha 4th. The other girlswere in top condition despite not placing. I was very happy with their condition and put it down to a tough line up on the day! All girls achieved their goals and dreams and now are having a well deserved break. Gemma Dawson will go on to represent Team Living Beauty at the INBA Nationals Melbourne on 9th October and then the WNBF Nationals on the 23rd October in Sydney.

Rikki, Amelia, Emma, Hayley and Kristen.

Special thanks must also go to the promotional models who helped me out on the trade stand at the INBA : Rikki Portlock, Emma Verlato, Hayley Jarvis and Kristen Whittaker – Thanks for an awesome day!

Ruth, Ali, Sasha, Gemma, Sarah

I would also like to mention that this was the very first show for all the girls and if you are interested in competing in 2011, please contact me now for April shows as we will need to get started! I love this industry and the more girls I can help achieve their dreams the better!

Love and Light

Amelia x o

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