New year, new beginnings!

Cupcakes Gluten free of course!!

As the year comes to an end I reflect on the highlights and the low points in the hope that I have learned lots and become a better person.

It is really simple my aim in life is to be happy, grateful for everything and everyone in my life and love and care for those around me.

The year began with my wedding to Sam in January, which was without a doubt the best day of my life, and also a union that will last forever. I say this with great faith, sincerity and trust in our relationship. I am so lucky to be with Sam as he supports my goals just as I support his.

By mid year we had moved into our home and this was magical after months of sacrifice.

In September Living Beauty was not quite one year old! I had successfully started Living Beauty in November 2009 and in 2010 I brought some great athletes to the stage:

Emma Verlato
Rebecca Wallis
Jessica Manthorpe
Karen Reedman
Sarah Cowan
Sasha Patsakios
Alison McPherson
Ruth Rowe
Brooke Carmichael
Gemma Dawson

All 10 girls looked incredible and achieved their dreams. In addition to this I also had many clients getting into shape for life and also for their wedding or engagement.

In October 2010, I won three Marketing Awards from the Retail Property Council of SA and this created in me the desire to progress my Marketing career further. I then went through a rigorous interview process to attain a new role of Marketing Communications Manager at a Law Firm.

In 2011 I will again bring athletes to the stage and I am sure the Living Beauty team will achieve great results.

My goals for 2011 are to work hard at my new marketing job, be a great wife, and a good friend to all my closest girlfriends (most of whom have no interest in competing, but all like fitness training for fun). Family is very important to me and I look forward to spending time with both my husband”s family and my own. My goals for competing are to enter some shows for Sportsmodel, but in the over 30 years of age category. I turned 33 in December and I would love to compete with some girls my own age.

Above all this year is about working with the team and combining our talents to cement our fitness relationship to make it easier for eachother. I hope to join forces with all the Living Beauty girls to achieve our goals.

It wont be easy butmy keys to success include: surrounding myself with positive people, thinking and visualising positive outcomes and making the best choices in every situation. Just because I have competed before the journey is no easier and there is no room for complacency, so I will tackle this challenge with a strong and positive mind, great Team of people and a desire to succeed. I have goalsbecausethey give medirection in life and make it more fun. Enjoyment is the key, of course like everyone, I do havesome fears but if positivity can outweigh our fears then happiness and success will prevail.

You can do it too, think about what you want in 2011, have no fear and just think positive!

The last few weeks have been an absolute whirlwind after resigning from my current job, having the whole family for Christmas lunch, spending time with my brother who is here from Dubai. I will work straight through now until I start my new job (and my competition preparation) on the 10th January. Until then NYE will be spent with close friends at a restaurant and I will continue my off season training plan which has meant a lot of fun sessions at the gym!

Here”s to a great 2011!

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