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Oxygen Magazine: Bikini and Fitness Model Guide

If there was a fitness model guide it would make life easier! As Head Coach at Living Beauty I often ask myself what is the “X factor” that a girl needs to be noticed on the fitness model stage? What do the girls have that are simply captivating to watch? How do these girls radiate personality, polish and presentation?

The answer lies in the girl who has the complete package. Fitness Model judging criteria includes facial beauty, a gorgeous lean body and personality. Those that nail it have a sparkle in their eye and a smile that oozes personality and confidence. A great Fitness Model looks at home on stage like they have done it many times before (even if they haven”t). When watching or judging a show, looking at a girl who is confident makes the audience and judges smile too, as it also makes them feel at home and enjoy watching the presentation.

So, how can you learn to be the best Fitness Model? Here are a few points to consider:

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