Rachel, VIP Membership

Meet our incredible client Rachel who has completed her 8 week macro challenge + then joined our VIP MEMBERSHIP to continue her journey!

She lost 10.8 kilos in 12 weeks + continues the lifestyle.

“I’m feeling really good, just feel a lot more positive with more energy.”

“My whole lifestyle is different now, focussing on going out to do active activities that benefit my goals rather than revolving them around food that set me back.“

“I’ve been feeling 100x better being on the 8 week macro challenge, first week was hard with cravings, but once I settled in I don’t ever want to go back to before I started the challenge!”

“I have more energy for my 2am night shift work, I have so much more energy when it comes to training at the gym (which I have now been able to increase to 4 times a week) I have the energy for my sewing and hobbies, and starting new hobbies.”

“I’m also losing weight and feeling more confident and happy in my body.
I’ve had so many people comment how they have noticed that I’ve lost weight, that my skin looks better and that I look happier.”

“The bonus to all of this is that I’m now more aware of what’s in foods and what I should be eating to maximise the right energy I need, plus I can maintain my results and keep going with the VIP membership.”

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