Sarah, Macro Challenge

Meet beautiful client Sarah who completed our 8 week macro challenge

  • “Changing my shape and losing weight has been easier than I thought, once I had the right information”
  • “Working towards this goal improved my self esteem” – Sarah

The macro challenge is a nutrition program 🍏🍪that teaches YOU how to balance your protein, carbs and fat to still enjoy the foods you love!

So for the 8 week challenge you get
* Personalised macro meal plan – tailored to YOU
* Weekly accountability check in with your Coach
* Amazing education around nutrition to empower you for the long term

Women are LOVING it like Sarah (pictured):

“I am finding the challenge really clear to follow and now that I have learned some secrets about food prep it is easy to be organised with meals ready in advance. I have plenty of energy and feel full and satisfied. I really look forward to the videos each week so that I can learn more about how to reach my health and fitness goals. The weekly feedback is keeping me on track and focused.” – Sarah

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I feel fantastic and have so much more energy. I’m eating amazing foods and am satisfied on this plan. Amelia has taught me so much about looking for all the hidden fats and sugars in foods and has helped me to understand how to read the labels while grocery shopping… she also helps feed my

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Thank you for providing me with the tools, support and encouragement to get to where I am today. I’ve truly loved and embraced the program, and will continue to track my macros once I’ve completed my 20 weeks. This is the longest fitness and nutrition program I have ever done and it has become my

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