Sharyn, Fit Mum of 3

Congratulations to our amazing Mum of 3 Sharyn who competed at ICN World Championships, after a very successful ICN South Australia Competition

Here’s her story:

“That’s a wrap! Thank you to all the amazing women I have had the pleasure meeting. We make a great team. I have really enjoyed our time together with Living beauty.

My amazing coach Amelia has been just a delight.

I contacted Amelia while I was pregnant and asked her if she would take me on to train for a comp once I had baby. With much pleasure she took me under her wings. We have come so far in the 14 months and I am so happy and proud of my journey with her and Living Beauty.

Today just topped the cake with loads of fun showing off all our hard work.

What an amazing journey I have been on the past 14 months

1. Had baby #3

2. Lost my best friend, the most amazing daddy anyone could ask for.

3. Two Bikini comps

4. Living Beauty Photo shoot

Sharyn (Mum of 3 + Fitness professional)
1st place Bikini 40+
2nd place Swimsuit
2nd place Momma

Competed in ICN World Titles, October 2019

“Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement, I could have quite easily pushed this goal aside for another time, due to my challenging start to this comp prep with a death in my family. But here I am sticking to your perfect planning for me I am excited to be showing off what I have worked so hard for. Every single one of my clients are so proud of me and I have shown them that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. So thank you again for your support, guidance, extreme knowledge, friendship and your confidence in me.” – Sharyn

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