Bikini & Fitness Competition Preparation

Are you ready to join the ranks of Bikini and Fitness Model Pro’s trained by Living Beauty? Not only have our clients achieved Professional status, they have also gained long term health. Bikini and Fitness competitions are a lifestyle, no starvation diets! We do comp prep the healthy way and have many years of industry experience judging, competing and mentoring our girls to success.

Tegan Olsen, Pro Bikini Model, Amelia Ricci & Amanda 2nd Place Winner. Join Living Beauty for a great team atmosphere!
Tegan Olsen, Pro Bikini Model, Amelia Ricci & Amanda 2nd Place Winner.

Everything you need to know to successfully compete in bikini and fitness shows.

We are located in Adelaide, but train clients all over Australia. Many clients fly in to see us for a consultation and then train with us online. We offer Fitness Model Workshops that cover everything you need to know and compete successfully, as there is much more than just diet and training!


Fitness Model Workshops Adelaide
Fitness Model Workshops Adelaide with Gemma Dawson & Amelia Ricci

“Your knowledge in this field combined with the genuine interest you have in helping us be the best we can be is what sets you apart. The small group of like-minded girls and no show ponies! Even the Champions like Elle and Gemma are so friendly and down to earth.
You put professionalism back into this sport and you made me believe I was doing the right thing after having serious doubts about whether I could fit in.
The flyer on positive self belief was great. I love take home info or follow up emails mid week to keep the momentum.” – Bek, Fitness Model Workshop

We work on line and face to face with our clients and tailor a package to your requirements. Please contact us to get a customised On Line Program with your personal coach.

You can train with us for your nutrition, exercise and/or choose Fitness Model Workshops. We will create a package that suits your requirements and can work on line or face to face. Don’t delay we book out up to 6 months in advance of competition dates.



  • Meal plan including supplements we personally recommend.
  • Exercise plan including cardio and weights programs.
  • Weekly updates and unlimited 24/7 contact with Amelia via email.
  • Techniques for final week of show preparation we have used successfully to win competitions.
  • Advice on stage presentation including tanning, hair & make up, bikini, evening wear, sports wear and theme wear costumes.
  • Exclusive access to the best bikini’s and shoes in Australia.
  • Advice on model style walking, posing and stage presence and exclusive invitation to attend either one on one or group posing classes (posing classes prices upon application).

You have to own the stage and Amelia taught me this. I found confidence at the Living Beauty posing classes. Posing was taught in an elegant manner and there is no need to make it sexual like you might see on you tube. I wanted to feel classy and this is the Living Beauty way!
There were so many things I did not think of that Living Beauty taught me for example the tanning and the right hair and make up. Amelia booked everything for me and I love feeling glamorous. – Julieanne

I never feel like I am missing out with my Living Beauty meal plan. The recipes are delicious and I achieved my Pro Card whilst eating chocolate, fruit and other delicious foods, not just chicken and broccoli. – Tegan


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