Survive Christmas Crazyness – Living Beauty Style!

Amelia doing a back bend in Emma Hack's body painted yoga calendar

Do you ever get that feeling where you are overwhelmed and you have taken on a big workload? Well that”s me now, my head is so full of information and I cannot stop my mind racing with thoughts, and that”s when I know it is time to slow down!

Well I can try but life is crazy right now as Christmas is here! For those of you who do not know I am the Marketing Manager for three shopping centres and Christmas to me is organising decorations, father Christmas photos, a Christmas pageant for 5,000 people, advertising and catalogues – times that by three shopping centres, add 200 emails a day and then you are close to the speed at which I have to work.

Boo hoo – who cares, you might be saying, you take it upon yourself, and yes this is true – but how do I maintain my health and well being, considering I have lots of social events, the Adelaide fashion festival and no holidays until January 2011. Oh yes I work on Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and the pace is unrelenting and stressful, crazy!

I thought I would give you an insight into how I do it in the hope it will help you:

  1. Fill up my water bottle every day and make sure I drink 1 litre before work, 1.5 during work an another litre in the evening, water is my number 1 priority.
  2. Eliminate coffee and drink green tea and lots of other herbals teas like peppermint, dandelion and nettle, this really helps.
  3. Always pack my lunch the night before and have it ready to go, I never buy my lunch as I do not have time. I always get away from my desk to the lunch room to eat, even for 5 minutes otherwise I get a million phone calls and I cannot chew my food properly (which is key for healthy digestion and absorbing nutrients).
  4. Remain calm when everyone and everything is in turmoil around me. In the corporate world there are a lot of stressed out people – some are very hard to deal with, but by stooping to their level or rudeness or stress it affects my wellbeing, so I choose to be calm and happy all the time – there is a solution to every problem, and I refuse to let stupid people get to me, this is a choice I make and it is not easy!
  5. Put my workouts in my diary like an appointment.
  6. Rest when I need to – resting is very important.
  7. Do yoga and pilates.

Ok and that”s my list for today. Before I go I want to shareanother pictureof me doing yoga.

An unedited image from a photo shoot doing a seated twist.

You see I used to be able to put both legs behind my head and do some incredible back bends but have become very stiff lately! I do Ashtanga power yoga that is very challenging and lots of yoga teachers also come to this class for their own workout. As I have been doing it only 1 x week (instead of 6 days per week as I used to) I am now so stiff I can barely get deep into the postures any more. I was so damn frustrated after class but I choose to just laugh it off and be happy, I can”t be my best at everything at one time and nor do I want to be, geez my hamstrings were sore!

” You can have it all, but you cannot have everything at the one time!‚Äù – great quote not sure where from.

Love and Light

Amelia x o

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