Surviving the Corporate Jungle

I work in the corporate world and it is challenging on a day
to day basis. Here are some tips I use to live Lean and Healthy, the Living
Beauty way:

  1. Do not worry about others comments about what I
    am eating. I have accepted the fact that I will eat in a meeting or at my desk,
    or in the lunch room and because my food is “different‚Äù there will always be
    those people who comment.
  2. Keep my eyes and ears open in my surrounding
    environment. I have located my nearest chiropractor and when I need it urgently
    it takes me 2 minutes to get to this building next door. This is in case I have
    really stiff neck or back I can address this immediately and keep up my
    training schedule.
  3. Use the closest gym. It is rare that I can train
    at lunchtime but I do try and I always feel better afterwards. This week I went
    twice at lunch so it is an option.
  4. Be in control of my time and say no when
    necessary. I often have back to back meetings and when asked to add extra
    meetings, be on a committee or too many additional responsibilities I have
    learned to say no. My time and expertise is no use to any one if spread too
  5. Stress less by doing yoga and stretching daily
    after my workout and really focus on breathing deeply for 10 breaths when I am
    stressed at work.

These are just a few of the tips we gave at the latest
Living Lean and Healthy Seminar. Last weekend the beautiful Amber Walker came
to Adelaide to co-present the seminar with me. It was a great day and the
energy was very positive with the group of like minded females all coming
together to learn to be their best. We had a great day and I cannot wait to put
on another seminar, stay tuned!

Love and Light

Amelia x o

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