Amanda Kirkman

Fit Mum
Name: Amanda Kirkman
Occupation:State Manager Health Clubs

What did you enjoy about being part of Living Beauty?

I enjoyed the team environment and the excitement of competition day was amazing. I loved that Gemma and Amelia are always just an email away which is great for me as such a busy person.

What’s your average schedule?

I am always up early to get my son Billy ready for the day ahead. I always pack my food the night before in a cooler so I don’t forget anything in the morning rush. It is challenging being a mother and working full time but I love the fitness industry so I really enjoy my work and am very goal orientated.
Living Beauty helps me set goals and achieve them, and if I have setbacks the coaches help me get back on track. I have learned that you don’t have to be perfect to achieve your goals.

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