Antonella Diaz

Got the Shapely Definition she always wanted
Name:Antonella Diaz
Occupation:Retail Manager
Hometown:Gold Coast
Starting Weight:55.5kg
Current Weight:52.5kg
Best Living Beauty Food:Healthy Snack Ideas

What was your goal for the program?

I wanted shapely strength and definition but most importantlybetter self esteem.

What was your motivation to achieve this goal?

Looking my very best at any age and feeling healthy inside and out. Continued learning of healthy eating to be able to provide beautiful meals for my family and friends.


What was the most challenging thing you had to deal with during your journey?

The hardest thing was to do more weight training as I had focused more on cardio, but I soon became confident to do a weights training program and was very proud of myself for making the change.

What was something surprising you learned?

The scale is not the best measure of progress. My body changed a lot and my clothes fit better and I now know that’s from the tone and shape I created with weights. I toned up adding beautiful lean muscle, so I have gained shape and lost fat which is an amazing feeling.

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