Chantal Giannopoulos

Lost 9kg, 23cm off waist
Name:Chantal Giannopoulos
Occupation:Pre-School Educator
Starting Weight:67kg
Current Weight:58kg
Measurements:23cm lost off waist, 10cm off hips

How much did you lose (kg, cm)?

I lost 9 kilos, 23cm off my waist and 10cm off hips, 4cm off each thigh. The measurements are great but the real benefit is how fabulous I feel!

What had stopped you from completing diets in the past?

I come from a family where eating is one big enjoyment and we often share meals. Other programs made me feel like I was missing out. I was so surprised by Living Beauty as I had such a wonderful experience and it’s my new lifestyle that I’ve easily adapted to.

Previously, I believed that carbs should be cut out completely, how wrong I was! I never felt restricted and had so much more energy as my digestion improved, I slept better and therefore I started waking up earlier than my alarm and felt incredible.


What was the most challenging thing you had to deal with during your weight loss journey?

The hardest thing was to stop myself from repeating past negative thought patterns but I have overcome this mindset with the help of the Living Beauty coaching. I now enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and looking after my body as I know I am a better person inside and out.

What was the difference in the way you exercised, as you did exercise in the past didn’t you?

I used to exercise but had no idea how much I could improve my focus and technique.

Before Living Beauty I did lots of classes and did not have confidence in a weights room.

Training with Amelia I learned how to connect mind to muscle and focused on activating muscles I was training. I am now confident to walk into any gym and train.

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