Gemma Dawson

Changed Shape Felt Lighter
Name: Gemma Dawson
Occupation:Project Manager & Assistant Coach Living Beauty
Starting Weight:66.8kg
Current Weight:61.5kg

What is your list of competition achievements and placings?

Competed in 18 Fitness and Bikini Model Competitions with WNBF, INBA, ANB, NABBA/WFF and IFBB as a Natural Athlete. Nine of these competitions being National Level and 9 top 4 placings.

You look amazing, how do you eat, what’s a breakdown of your daily diet?

I am lucky to have a Living Beauty mindset. Over the years I learned that following a strict diet causes overthinking food choices and can lead to problems for many, so I keep it simple.
I’m out from 6am to 7.30pm most days so it’s just cheaper and easier to have my food pre-packed. I love (and not limited to) berries and bananas for fruit, Steak and salmon for protein, a chemical free protein powder added to some natural yogurt and salad, living beauty rice or roasted vegetables served with main meals.

Have you ever felt demotivated and how did you get back on track?

Of course! Motivation is something you need to re-kindle from time to time and so I completed the 4 week bikini body program to refresh myself. This meal and training plan is so simple to follow, and provides tools like progress measurements so I stayed accountable and finished it with great results.

How many times a week and what type of training do you do currently?

Over the last year I have made an effort to try to train just 4 x a week, with a focus on recovery and other activities outside the gym. This has been really beneficial and I’m still hitting bigger lifts and learning new skills despite the discipline in implementing this approach.

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