Jo Hoff

Living Beauty changed the way I felt about myself
Name: Jo Hoff
Occupation:Business Support Officer

What sort of service does Living Beauty provide?

The on line training means that I can contact my coaches at any time and they always respond straight away. No question ever went unanswered and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you Living Beauty

Did you have any set backs during the program?

Not during the program, but I had a pre-existing injury that meant I needed modifications for exercises that may affect my back. I really loved the personal tailor program for me that allowed me to train around my injury.

Overall how would you describe your journey with Living Beauty?

I have meet some awesome people who share the same passion as I do for health and good food. I have really enjoyed the journey and I am planning for a future competition season and other goals post comp.

I am fully aware of the unhealthy side to the fitness industry which relies on gimmicks. I’m so glad you are my coach and mentor through this. I love that you keep it real and have a sensible approach.


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