Julieanne Teague

A journey of a lifetime! I feel so happy with my achievements.
Name: Julieanne Teague
Starting Weight:68kg
Current Weight:53.3kg

What inspired you to want to compete?

It was a bold goal to work towards and I had never worn a bikini in my life, or had the confidence to.

How did you find out about Living Beauty?

My trainer Seanna knew of Amelia from the fitness industry and they did their Pilates training together. She said that Amelia was the only choice as she has such a great reputation. Amelia has experienced it herself and she knows what she was talking about. It was a comfortable choice.

Have you ever felt demotivated and how did you get back on track?

Looking at photos and thinking about where I wanted to be. Even on the days I felt demotivated I thought about the big picture, seeing a muscle pop here or there, and seeing body fat disappear.

How many times a week and what type of training do you do currently?

I train most days of the week and do a combination of weights and cardio. My weights program focuses on various muscle groups and my cardio program includes both high intensity interval training (HIIT) and low-intensity steady-state cardio (LISS).

For recovery I stretch a lot and foam roll. I also incorporate body balance classes into my weekly workout program. Sleep is also very important as well as walking out in the sunshine.

You attended the Fitness Model Workshop, what did you learn?

You have to own the stage and Amelia taught me this. I found confidence at the Living Beauty posing classes.

Your stage presence has a big impact on your overall score. Posing was taught in an elegant manner and there is no need to make it sexual like you might see on you tube.

It was a supportive atmosphere at the Living Beauty Fitness Model workshop. I also enjoyed watching Champions at the classes like Elle Blackwell and learn from her as she is so down to earth.

What did you learn about Beauty Tips and Tricks?

The beauty preparation for competition day is time consuming and expensive, but totally worth it. There were so many things I did not think of that Living Beauty taught me, for example the tanning and the right hair and make up.

Amelia booked this for me and put my mind at ease by using professional artists. I have really lapped it up this final week getting my hair done and I love feeling glamorous.

How did you choose your bikini?

When I saw how small the bikini bottoms were I freaked out but then I chose a lovely pink/orange shade of fabric and the overall style came together.

I was also taught at the Living Beauty Fitness Model workshop how important the cut and colour is when choosing a bikini as they cover a whole session on this.


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