Kat Wallace

Body Confidence 10kg lost
Name: Kat Wallace
Occupation:Social Worker and Manager
Starting Weight:64kg
Current Weight:54kg

What was your goal?

I wanted to change my lifestyle. In the past if I was struggling with something, I would find it so hard to rally up my emotional strength. Whereas now I have such a strong mind and have control over how I process things that challenge me – physical strength = mental strength.

You look amazing, how do you eat, what’s a breakdown of your daily diet?

I love all the healthy recipes that never make me feel like I am on a diet. In particular the home made Sweet Potato protein bars I have every day for a snack and this is my favourite recipe. I am constantly eating and can’t believe how good I feel, eating more, not less.

What did you achieve on the program?

In being part of Living Beauty. I feel supported by Amelia and the way she tailors my programs to me and what’s happening in my life. Living Beauty is all about lifestyle change, and my life has definitely changed!

How did you find the training programs?

I’m loving Amelia’s Living Beauty program so much! The training programs are super challenging but she always tailors to me and during busy times at work I can train less. It is great the way they work together so well with the specialised meal plans – I haven’t looked back for a moment!

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