Training for six pack abs!

TodayI am going to give aninsight intomy off season training plan. My training off season is designed to increase muscle mass whilstmaintaining a low body fat percentage.My goal year round is tostay under 20%. At this point I am 17% so it is a good place to be and I maintain this by eating clean, combined with the following training schedule. I change my plan every 4-6 weeks, just as I do for my clients.

Amelia’s Weekly Plan
Day 1: rpm class, weights – back and abs,plus yoga
Day 2: rpm class, weights – chest and shoulders
Day 3: indoor cardio on machinesplus weights – biceps and triceps
Day 4: rpm class
Day 5: walk outside, pilates
Day 6: walk outside, weights – legs
Day 7: rest

Soright nowI am doing a lot of classes but you do not have to do this to stay cardio fit! You can choose to run outside, do a combination of different cardio machines at the gym or walk with a friend. Whatever you do it should be enjoyable and constantly change it up so you do not get bored.

It takes a long time to build up muscle and it is important to be patient and realise that it wont happen overnight but it definitely will happen. You really need to believe to achieve in fitness. Be positive that changes in your body will occur, and soon enough with the right nutrition and training you will find changes you have always dreamed of.

I am particularly excited as this weekend I have enrolled in a two day pilates course. I already teach pilates and think it is important to constantly keep updating and learning. I cannot wait!

To get some good definition in your abs it is diet and training that achieve this. For my training I combine heavy weighted exercises like cable crunches or crunches with a weight behind my head, fit ball work with exercises like the jacknife, and of course pilates! Pilates integrates posture (to stand and sit with good posture), alignment (to balance the left and right side of the body – great for symmetry which is judged in bb competitions) and functional movement (for bending and twisting in everyday life). Lots of people say it is boring, or does not burn calories which may be true to an extent but I still love it. The main difference between weighted abs work and pilates is that the pilates targets the deep level muscles (TA or transverse abdominus) where other exercises work superficial muscles like rectus abdonimus (six pack) and obliques (side of waist). So for me I like to work all the muscles and keep changing it up all the time.

Training abs also gives you a good look on stage as you can stand tall, pose properly and activate the abs when you have to pose for the judges. It is establishing the mind muscle connection that gets them working, you tell your brain to contract the abs and it just works! It sounds easy but this takes time.

You also have to be realistic and understand that for some a six pack is not visible all year round! I love being honest and “keeping it real” I do not have chiselled abs year round. That’s why I also do off season photo shoots like you will be on my facebook from May 2010. I am body proud all year round.

Love and light

Amelia x o

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