Vanessa, lost 10 kilos

Vanessa had great success and did two Living Beauty programs: 12 week shape up for life + 8 week Macro Challenge

Living Beauty Programs educate clients about successful long term lifestyle changes!

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“Since starting my program with living beauty I can honestly say how happy I feel with my progress so far. I feel healthier and lighter!

I have enjoyed my workout programs that are designed for my body & the particular areas I want to focus on. The menu plan is filling and enjoyable to make using fresh ingredients and saves me time by prepping my meals in advance. I’m looking forward to achieving my weight loss goals & to maintain a healthier lifestyle with the tools I have been given.” – Vanessa

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Kathy, 8 week Macro Challenge

I feel fantastic and have so much more energy. I’m eating amazing foods and am satisfied on this plan. Amelia has taught me so much about looking for all the hidden fats and sugars in foods and has helped me to understand how to read the labels while grocery shopping… she also helps feed my

Laura, 20 week Fitness Model Program

Overall Figure Champion for ICN Competition My experience with Living Beauty has been incredibly positive. Starting this journey was a big decision to push myself out of my comfort zone and compete at ICN. I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I wasn’t reassured by Amelia’s years of experience, realistic approach and positive

Tania, 20 week Shape Up For Life

Thank you for providing me with the tools, support and encouragement to get to where I am today. I’ve truly loved and embraced the program, and will continue to track my macros once I’ve completed my 20 weeks. This is the longest fitness and nutrition program I have ever done and it has become my

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