Wholistic Health whilst Getting LEAN

Christie worked with Living Beauty for a 20 week competition preparation in 2013 and competed in both the INBA competition in April 2013 and the ANB competition in June.

Living Beauty Q & A with Christie

Christie Rozalikis, ANB Competition June 2013
Christie Rozalikis, ANB Competition June 2013

What does your off season training plan look like and at what times of day do you train?
In the off season I like to mix up my training so I do not get bored. I achieve this through changing my exercise every 4-6 weeks and I tend to change my rep range, weights and rest periods in between sets each week to challenge myself.
I am happy to workout whatever time of the day, as long my body is moving!

You trained for 20 weeks with Living Beauty, what were the top two things you learned during this time?
Lesson 1. If you want your ideal body and be able to maintain it you must know the importance of fueling your body with the right nutrition and also know the right times to fuel it. I learned you must eat your way to the stage, not deprive which only sets you up for failure both mentally and physically.

Amelia’s Note: If you don’t like eating then bodybuilding competitions are not for you. In order to compete you need muscle and muscles are repaired using good nutrition which involves eating a lot of REAL fresh foods.
The biggest complaint I get is that it is too much food to eat and therefore I recommend before starting any comp prep to try and start training with weights and eating 5 meals a day to get your body into routine for 1-2 years prior to even starting a competition regime.

Lesson 2. There is no quick fix to achieving your ideal body; in fact there is no quick fix for anything in life. If you want something, you must be prepared to bust your guts and do whatever it take to get it. Yes, there”s going to be endless amounts of struggles, challenges and obstacles to overcome, but the pain is so worth it! The pain builds you up, gives you inner strength and makes you more resilient and tolerant in every area of your life. -“Nothing was ever thrown in our path that we cannot handle, if you want something, go get it!‚Äù
For someone wanting to compete in Bikini or Fitness Model what has been one of the most important things you have changed in your mind set to achieve this goal?

When you set yourself up for greatness, people are 100% going to criticise your decisions and every move, but I had to adapt the attitude that ‘I am doing this for me and nobody is going to stop me now.”

I believe competing is the most incredible self-discovery journey. It”s not all about getting on stage in a tiny bikini; it”s about opening yourself up to a new light and proving yourself you can achieve great things if you are willing to believe in your own capabilities and strengths.

Christie Rozalikis ANB conpetition June 2013
Christie Rozalikis ANB competition June 2013


I hope that you enjoyed reading Christie’s journey.

At Living Beauty we don’t train people to “kill the competition” or “win at all costs”. We encourage our girls to live a balanced life so that they are healthy for many years after the competition has finished.

Elle, Amanda and Christie on competition day.
Elle, Amanda and Christie on competition day.

Most of our girls have a professional occupation and need to work and look after their family and we tailor our programs to give them the energy they need to carry on with life.

We want them to be in love with health and fitness for the long term and carry on with great habits for a lifetime.

Living Beauty will conduct a workshop in early 2014, a great source of information for those wishing to improve their HEALTH. Designed for beginners to advanced, it is run by Assistant Coach Gemma Dawson and Amelia Ricci in Adelaide. If you would like to read about our past workshops and feedback see below:

Top 5 Ways to Live Like a Living Beauty

Living Beauty Our Mission: Educate and Inspire

To pre-register for the workshop information email amelia@livingbeauty.com.au
This is an economical and fun way to learn the Living Beauty Method from Amelia and Gemma – qualified trainers and Fitness Model Champions with over 20 years combined experience.

Love and Light

Amelia x o

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