Women’s Fat Loss: How To Lose Body Fat the Healthy Way

Want to learn about women’s fat loss the healthy way? Do you want to lose body fat in a healthy sustainable way? Fat loss for women can be a confusing topic with every workout guru suggesting you try their app. The problem with this is that few trainers focus on results that are MAINTAINABLE forever. Did you know? Research shows that weight training beats cardio, thanks to its ability to increase muscle mass.

Other findings from Harvard School of Public Health found that, even though weight training workouts are more successful than cardio sweat sessions at increasing muscle, combining the two had the best effects for fat loss. The reality is, both have their benefits.

Strength training for fat loss

Increasing your muscle by resistance training consistently and in the correct way is going to increase your metabolism.

More muscle equals a greater basal metabolic rate (BMR) the amount of baseline calories you’d burn in a day, without factoring any movement in.

To put things really simply, the only real way to gain muscle is to overload it, and to do that you need to add more weight than your own body. This can be barbells, dumbells, machines in addition to body weight exercises.

These are results that will last long term, because you’ll burn more calories at rest for the entire time you maintain that muscle.

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Cardio for fat loss

Do a type of cardio exercises you enjoy, it could be a game of tennis, walking or hiking, running at the beach or a HIIT class.

Macro-tracking for fat loss

If you’re comfortable with a more calculated approach, tracking your carb, protein and fat (macros to those in the know) intake via an app like MyFitnessPal can be helpful to make sure you’re getting enough of the good stuff when trying to lose fat.

What not to eat to lose fat

With ‘everything in moderation’ in mind there are a couple of across-the-board recommendations for what not to eat when trying to reduce body fat:


The ‘hidden’ calories in alcohol can quickly add up to the equivalent of a few extra snacks or a small meal. It can also inhibit a deep restful sleep.

Processed foods

Not-so-nutrient dense but usually quite moreish, processed foods often pack calories without the satiation. You know the feeling of sugar and salty foods out or a packet and you just can’t stop? Swap for more nutrient rich foods such as lean protein, vegetables and treats such as dark chocolate which contain antioxidants and can be lower in sugar.

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 Take your cycle into account

Your menstrual cycle is going to have an impact on your weight.

Your hormones can affect your progress, mood and hunger. So it’s about knowing how to play them to your advantage.

In your follicular phase [the first half of your cycle after your period], oestrogen steadily begins to rise. During this time, you’ll have fewer cravings and more energy to burn fat – so ramp up your training.

Now’s the time to go heavier and push harder in the weights room or your HIIT sessions.

When in the luteal phase (the latter half), oestrogen starts to drop, meaning more cravings, and high-intensity training can feel harder. So this is the time to cut yourself a bit of slack and lower the intensity of your workouts. But remember to stay on plan with your nutrition and keep drinking lots of water.

Women’s fat loss doesn’t have to be complicated. You need a good coach with experience, you must be willing to change and be coachable and you will see results.

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